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Blanking of printed circuit board PCB
Release on 2017-09-08The blanking of the printed board, the hole and the shape processing can be carried out by the die cutting method. For the simple PCB or the PCB (High...Read More
Short circuit inspection method for PCB circuit board
Release on 2017-09-07If the manual welding, to develop good habits, first of all, to visually check PCB (china pcb manufacturer) plates before welding, and using a multime...Read More
PCB mounted current sensor (LEM)
Release on 2017-09-06The day before, LEM company launched HXD series PCB (High Quality PCBs china) installation type current sensor, the sensor uses a PCB mounted dual cur...Read More
PCB machining characteristics
Release on 2017-09-05The printed circuit board (PCB with imedance control) is machined with printed circuit board substrate copper-clad laminates. The copper clad laminate...Read More
Reason and improvement of open circuit for PCB printed circuit board
Release on 2017-09-04PCB line opening and short circuit is the problem that almost every day PCB manufacturers (pcb board manufacturer china) will encounter, and has been ...Read More
LAM technology leads the future of LED
Release on 2017-09-01As we all know, LED industry, as a green industry, has many advantages, such as environmental protection, health, energy saving and so on. In the futu...Read More
Pyrolysis of waste PCB circuit boards
Release on 2017-08-31In recent years, pyrolysis technology of organic waste has been used more and more because of its lower pollution emission and higher energy recovery ...Read More
PCB negative VS positive
Release on 2017-08-30The difference between PCB positive and negative: PCB positive and negative effect is the final manufacturing process is the opposite. PCB (Custom Cir...Read More
What is the difference between the PCB positive and negative output process?
Release on 2017-08-29Negative: tenting is generally the process we speak, the use of chemicals for acid etching The negative is because the film was produced, or to the s...Read More
Brief introduction of photoelectric PCB Technology
Release on 2017-08-22With the rapid and comprehensive development of multimedia services including telephony, cable television (CATV), digital television and Internet, the...Read More
Classification of PCB
Release on 2017-08-21According to the number of circuit categories: divided into single panel, double sided plate and multilayer plate. The common multilayer board is usua...Read More
Various meanings of letters on a circuit board
Release on 2017-08-17The name of the circuit board are: circuit board, PCB board (HDI pcb Printed circuit board), aluminum substrate, high frequency board, thick copper pl...Read More
The problem of purchasing PCB circuit boards
Release on 2017-08-17In order to maximize production and minimize costs, certain restrictions should be taken into consideration. Moreover, human factors should be taken i...Read More
Why does your PCB always have the problem of eating tin?
Release on 2017-08-16In the process of designing and making PCB, have you ever encountered PCB's poor eating tin? For engineers, once a PCB(oem pcb board manufacturer chi...Read More
The quality of PCB etching and its early problems
Release on 2017-08-15The basic requirement for etching quality is the ability to remove all the copper layers except the resist completely. Strictly speaking, if it is to ...Read More
Etching process and process control of PCB
Release on 2017-08-14The process of printed circuit boards from a light plate to a line pattern is a complex process of physical and chemical reactions. At present, the ty...Read More
China's PCB market share is on the rise
Release on 2017-08-11With the application of PCB (Pcb prototype manufacturer china) China products continues to expand, HDIPCB is expected to achieve the highest growth in...Read More
Introduction of the types of final coating on PCB surface
Release on 2017-08-10PCB's ultimate coating process has undergone significant changes in recent years. These changes are an increasing result of the constant demand for HA...Read More
Several elements of the late stage inspection of PCB design
Release on 2017-08-09When a PCB board completes the layout and wiring, and checks the connectivity and spacing without making a false report, is a piece of PCB (High Quali...Read More
Pink Ring of circuit board
Release on 2017-08-08the definition of Pink Ring The surface of the sheet is oxidized to form a undercoat (copper oxide and cuprous oxide). In essence, this fluff will by ...Read More