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China's PCB market share is on the rise

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-11 14:43:53
With the application of PCB (Pcb prototype manufacturer china) China products continues to expand, HDIPCB is expected to achieve the highest growth in the supply of all PCB products in the mobile phone market will promote the active China industry accounted for only PCB 1/4 the proportion of the rapid development of industry. Nearly 90% of the world's mobile phones use HDIPCB, most of which are from China, so China's HDIPCB industry is expected to expand rapidly in the short term. 

In addition to telecommunications products, HDIPCB (pcb manufacturer in china) can also be widely used in computers, consumer electronics and automotive products, medical, industrial and military areas also continued to rise. Chinese companies will focus more attention on high margin applications when mobile phone market demand drops. 

In order to meet the trend of miniaturization of electronic products, HDIPCB (led pcb board Printed circuit board) research and development is mainly aimed at improving product accuracy, density, reduce line width / distance. Large manufacturers plan to expand the aperture of phi 0.1mm, line spacing of 2mil, inter layer alignment tolerance of 3mil and impedance control range within +/-5%, more than three layers of double-sided HDIPCB production.