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How to use the temperature measuring gun correctly?
Release on2020-07-21At present, there are two mainstream methods for measuring body temperature. One is the contact measurement method represented by mercury thermometers...Read More
Epidemic prevention-UV sterilization do you know?
Release on2020-07-17As an ordinary person, staying at home without leaving home is to prevent and prevent epidemic disease, but this is passive and anti-epidemic. To acti...Read More
Have you done personal anti-epidemic measures?
Release on2020-07-16These days, how to prevent the new coronavirus has become the focus of everyone's attention. In the fight against the virus, you can neither be brave ...Read More
IPC Releases North American PCB Industry Research Report
Release on2018-06-04Rigid-flexible pcb factory, Multilayer pcb manufacturer china On May 29th, IPC released the “Analysis Report on PCB Industry in North America in Apri...Read More
Line Width and Aperture Rule Settings Considerations
Release on2018-05-22Printed circuit board in china Minimum line width/space 4mil In PCB design, the highest precision that can be supported by batch processing is l...Read More
Development Status and Development Trend of China's PCB Special Ink Industry in 2018
Release on2018-05-14Printed circuit board in china 1, PCB special ink market demand growth The global PCB market is huge. As of 2016, the global PCB industry has a market...Read More
PCB Theme: High Boom Industry with Rising Price and Price
Release on2018-03-22In recent years, both PCs, smart phones, automotive electronics and other industries have experienced a trend of accelerated concentration. Due to the...Read More
Teach you how to choose your own Android handset
Release on2018-03-081. budget First, you have to make clear how much your budget is. There are many mobile phones in the market. The price is not the same. There are low ...Read More
Stealing into another country, two men were unfortunate to die
Release on2018-03-01The incident took place in the southwestern coastal city of Ecuador, Guayaquil, where the airliner flew from Jose ward de ormedo airport to New York, ...Read More
Amazing! Nano Dimension 3D printing machine making multi-layer PCB easy
Release on2017-06-15In the rapid changes in the market environment, whether the rapid response to market demand, speed up time to market, product developers is undoubtedl...Read More
Amazing! Flexible circuit board industry will break out
Release on2017-06-01With the rapid development of consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablet PCs and wearable devices, china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer are gr...Read More
Printed circuit boards have become an integral part of industry
Release on2017-05-05Printed circuit boards are an integral part of just about any electronic component or gadget. And these electronics have blended in with our way of li...Read More
We must encourage innovation if the company is to remain competitive
Release on2017-05-04  Be bold in putting things into practice and blazing new trails, These are very important for the china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer. To grow th...Read More
The Substrate-like PCB which enabled by Apple become a major competition in 2017, the major manufact
Release on2017-04-13   PCB as one of the main application market of copper foil, its influence is self-evident. Recently, according the market news, starting from the...Read More
PCB Industrial alarm equipment material out of stock
Release on2017-04-13"Substrate Like - PCB" (Abb. SLP) and vehicle-mounted board will be the biggest competitive point in 2017   In 2016,the shortage of CCL copper clad...Read More
I am sure you don't know how many kinds of PCB boards
Release on2017-04-12Types of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Frequently, the style and also manufacturing of a published circuit card (PCB) is as important as the ...Read More
It is best to choose a vendor that focuses on model develops to decrease the cost
Release on2017-04-11When running small-quantity manufacturing runs, the manufacturing setup cost will typically dominate the general model construct cost. When seeking a ...Read More
There are different type of circuit boards offered in variety of products
Release on2017-04-11These days, there are different type of circuit boards offered in variety of products as well as finishes, consisting of FR4, FR4 High Temperature lev...Read More
A good idea: through the Internet to understand Printed circuit board company
Release on2017-04-09The board on which the circuit is mapped is usually made of products such as cardboard, fiberglass, or other non-conductive materials. Occasionally, w...Read More
What Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Solutions Can You Avail?
Release on2017-04-09A printed motherboard consists of a board made from a non-conductive product on which conductive cables and also chips are set up. The circuit is norm...Read More