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Amazing! Nano Dimension 3D printing machine making multi-layer PCB easy

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-15 09:57:11
In the rapid changes in the market environment, whether the rapid response to market demand, speed up time to market, product developers is undoubtedly a big test. Israel's new company Nano Dimension sees such a demand and develops a 3D printing machine "Dragonfly 2020" that prints a professional-grade multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) to facilitate design proofing by developers. It not only saves costs, but also Effectively shorten the R & D schedule.

Recently in the biennial Munich exhibition in Germany (electronica 2016), Dragonfly 2020 PCB exhibition area to become a major highlight, attracting a large number of people rushed into the booth to ask to understand. Simon Fried's co-founder Simon Fried said at the show that the industry generally made the PCB as the original or small-scale production, but the time spent waiting and modifying the process will be reflected in the production costs, if the use of 3D printing PCB will be able to master the progress of their own, shorten the development cycle and reduce costs, and even to avoid the risk of design outflow caused by outsourcing.

Unlike other 3D printers that print single-layer PCBs, Dragonfly 2020 can quickly produce professional-grade multi-layer PCBs, and PCBs are printed like PCBs to weld electronic components. Simon Le pointed out that Dragonfly 2020 combines three advanced technologies, including 3D inkjet technology, exclusive nano-technology inkjet materials and 3D software.

   ▲ Dragonfly 2020 machine size is 100 x 60 x 60 cm, weighing 80 kg 

Dragonfly 2020 inkjet technology used in the same time, conductive and conductive (dielectric) ink material, through the stacking method according to the design layer by layer printing, wiring, the production of plated through-hole, non-plating, each layer is insulated from each other.

Dragonfly 2020 Prints a multi-layer PCB prototype with a line width of approximately 90 μm and a maximum printable size of 20 x 20 x 0.3 cm. The number of layers can be printed in the height range, and the height of each layer is at least 3 μm. For X axis 2,160 dpi, Y axis 2,160 dpi, Z axis 8,500 dpi.

As for the printing of professional multi-layer PCB is the key, is Nano Dimension developed by the highly conductive silver nanoparticles ink "AgCite", but the higher cost, only for PCB proofing or small production. In addition, with the special software "Switch" can control equipment and edit 3D files, also supports the industry common file format Gerber, Excellon and so on.

▲ Dragonfly 2020 printed through hole

▲ 3D print three-dimensional circuit board 

Simonfer said that Dragonfly 2020 for product developers to provide a high degree of freedom and innovation space, not only to break through the traditional PCB design framework, but also self-proofing production to save time and cost to accelerate the finished product market. However, at this stage there are still some technical issues to be improved, including print time, mass production. Although the 3D print PCB can shorten the time to produce round-trip delivery, but the printing time is not short, to print 20 x 20 cm single-layer PCB, it takes about 1 hour to complete, the more layers and lines The more complex the PCB design, it will take a long time to spend a long time.

Because of the long printing time and the high cost of silver nanoparticles, the Dragonfly 2020 is not yet suitable for mass production, but the Nano Dimension will continue to improve toward this goal and develop cost-effective copper or nickel ink.

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