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The blackening of the inner layer of the multilayer PCB can also be as simple as this.
Release on 2019-07-17For PCB manufacturers, if the PCB multilayer board is a multi-layer board, then the inner layer blackening is a very difficult problem, so how to blac...Read More
5G will change the category requirements structure of PCB
Release on 2019-07-16China's current 5G testing and pilot work is progressing smoothly. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom's three major operators have similar 5...Read More
Design goal of DC motor drive circuit
Release on 2019-07-15In the design of the DC motor drive circuit, the main considerations are as follows: 1. Function: Is the motor unidirectional or bidirectional? Does i...Read More
How to deal with PCB crosstalk
Release on 2019-07-13Crosstalk refers to the undesired influence of a signal on an adjacent transmission line due to electromagnetic coupling during transmission. The inte...Read More
Practical skills: Detailed PCB layout steps!
Release on 2019-07-12One. The picture below is a PCB diagram that we will use as an example. The size is 75.18mm x 30.23mm. We will have a 2x2 PCB array in a new PCB diagr...Read More
Two functions of PCB board with large area copper: heat dissipation and anti-interference
Release on 2019-07-11PCB circuit boards can be seen everywhere in various types of electrical appliances and instruments. The reliability of circuit boards is an important...Read More
PCB design tips for power plan processing
Release on 2019-07-10The processing of the power plane plays an important role in PCB design. In a complete design project, usually the processing of the power supply can ...Read More
How to do a good job in PCB design power plane processing, these points must be remembered!
Release on 2019-07-09The processing of the power plane plays an important role in PCB design. In a complete design project, usually the processing of the power supply can ...Read More
PCB design tips: power plane processing
Release on 2019-07-08The processing of the power plane plays an important role in PCB design. In a complete design project, usually the processing of the power supply can ...Read More
PCB signal integrity design method
Release on 2019-07-05As the output switching speed of integrated circuits increases and the density of PCB boards increases, Signal Integrity has become one of the issues ...Read More
What is the inside of the PCB?
Release on 2019-07-04Many hardware engineers or layout engineers are very interested in what the PCB board (especially the multi-layer board) looks like when it comes into...Read More
PCB surface technology for PCB design
Release on 2019-07-03Common PCB surface treatment processes are as follows: Hot air leveling (spray tin) Hot air leveling, also known as hot air solder leveling (commonly ...Read More
10 ways to dissipate heat from the PCB must be known!
Release on 2019-07-02For electronic equipment, a certain amount of heat is generated during operation, so that the internal temperature of the equipment rises rapidly. If ...Read More
The "5 kinds" production process that must be considered before the pcb layout
Release on 2019-07-01When we first draw the PCB, we have to consider several issues. First, is the single or double board? Second, is it all in-line or in-line plus patch?...Read More
The principle of PCB board technology must be unknown
Release on 2019-06-291: Printed wire width selection basis: The minimum width of the printed wire is related to the current flowing through the wire: the line width is too...Read More
PCB debugging and troubleshooting
Release on 2019-06-28For a newly designed circuit board, debugging often encounters some difficulties, especially when the board is large and there are many components, it...Read More
PCB structure and function introduction
Release on 2019-06-27Today's PCB substrate outsole consists of three main components: Cooper Foil, Reinforcement, and Epoxy, but since the start of the lead-free process, ...Read More
Discrimination of white pollutants in PCBA assembly welding cleaning process - cause - elimination
Release on 2019-06-26Green cleaning technology, also known as pollution-free cleaning technology, together with lead-free soldering technology, is one of the two key techn...Read More
Summary of PCB layout rules to sum up
Release on 2019-06-251. Follow the layout principle of “first big and then small, first difficult and easy”, that is, important unit circuits and core components should ...Read More
PCB printing technology is going to the nano level, are you laid out in advance?
Release on 2019-06-24The future of nanotechnology for printing and printing inks is becoming more and more important, not only in Europe, but in a revolution in science an...Read More