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What equipment and functional uses are required for PCBA production?
Release on 2019-05-24In the PCBA production process, it is necessary to rely on a lot of machinery and equipment to assemble a board. The quality level of a factory's mach...Read More
What is the role of the PCB board serpentine?
Release on 2019-05-23Any trace on the PCB will cause a time delay to the signal when passing through a high-frequency signal. The main function of the serpentine trace is ...Read More
PCB design export Gerber basic operation and precautions
Release on 2019-05-22List the general considerations for exporting the board file, whether it is AD, PADS, Allegro, eagle or other PCB design software, the applicable rule...Read More
SMT defect analysis and countermeasures
Release on 2019-05-21First, the bridge A common cause of overlap between leads is that the spacing between the end connectors (or pads or wires) is not large enough. In re...Read More
SMT solder paste printing process - steel mesh opening design guide
Release on 2019-05-20Stencil (Stencil), also known as SMT screen, SMT screen, SMT stencil, it is used to quantitatively distribute solder paste or patch glue, is the key t...Read More
What should I do if the PCB dry film is broken or etched?
Release on 2019-05-18With the rapid development of the electronics industry, PCB layout is becoming more and more sophisticated. Most PCB manufacturers use dry film to com...Read More
Introduction to Room Usage in PCB
Release on 2019-05-17What is Room? Room is a space divided on the PCB, which is used to lay out a part of the whole circuit (sub-circuit) in the Room, so that this part of...Read More
PCB failure analysis technology and some cases
Release on 2019-05-16As the hub of various components and circuit signal transmission, PCB has become the most important and critical part of electronic information produc...Read More
Analysis of the damage and cause of PCB board deformation
Release on 2019-05-101, the damage of PCB board deformation On automated surface mount lines, if the board is not flat, it will cause misalignment, components can not be i...Read More
Why is PCBA cleaning very important?
Release on 2019-05-091.Appearance and electrical performance requirements The most intuitive effect of PCBA contaminants is the appearance of PCBA. If placed or used in a ...Read More
Why use black ink for Apple mobile phone PCB! Where is the black PCB special?
Release on 2019-05-08As a printed circuit board, PCB mainly provides interconnection between electronic components. Color is not directly related to performance. The diffe...Read More
Why should PCB be cleaned frequently?
Release on 2019-05-07When troubleshooting a non-functional or poor performance circuit, engineers can usually run simulations or other analysis tools to consider the circu...Read More
PCB circuit board surface treatment process - the difference between gold plate and gold plate
Release on 2019-05-06Shen Jin uses a chemical deposition method to form a coating by chemical redox reaction, which is generally thicker and is a kind of chemical nickel g...Read More
Intel has plans to package the entire smartphone modem business for sale!
Release on 2019-05-05With the settlement of Apple and Qualcomm, Qualcomm will undoubtedly become the main supplier of Apple's new iPhone 5G baseband chip in the future, an...Read More
What properties must be provided on the PCB board?
Release on 2019-04-30PCB circuit board is the core part of electronic products. Its function and importance are self-evident. In order to ensure the long-term normal use o...Read More
How to distinguish the PCB circuit board is good or bad?
Release on 2019-04-29First: distinguish the appearance of the board from the appearance. 1. Standard rules for size and thickness. The thickness of the PCB board to t...Read More
10 PCB puzzles are not secrets
Release on 2019-04-2801 The outer frame (clamping edge) of the PCB panel should adopt a closed loop design to ensure that the PCB panel will not be deformed after being fi...Read More
What is the PCBA processing flow?
Release on 2019-04-261. The customer provides engineering materials, including the review of the BOM and Gerber files, and then organizes the package to purchase the compo...Read More
Description and function description of each layer in PCB board
Release on 2019-04-25What is the role of each layer in the PCB board, what should you pay attention to when using it? Many netizens, especially novices, are not fully awar...Read More
Seven good habits of PCB engineers
Release on 2019-04-24Foreword In the eyes of some people, the PCB layout engineer's work will be a bit boring, tens of thousands of wires every day against the board, a va...Read More