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2019 PCB global market analysis
Release on 2019-03-25(1) Scale of output value Thanks to the strong pull of new downstream sectors such as digital currency, the PCB industry ended its decline in 2017 for...Read More
Why are PCB boards mostly green
Release on 2019-03-25What is the color of the PCB board, as the name suggests, when you get a PCB board, the most intuitive way to see the color of the oil on the board is...Read More
Some methods of PCB thermal design
Release on 2019-03-231 Cooling through the PCB board itself Currently widely used PCB sheets are copper-clad/epoxy glass cloth substrates or phenolic resin glass cloth sub...Read More
Printed circuit board manufacturing process
Release on 2019-03-23The production of printed circuit boards is very complicated. Here, four layers of printed boards are used as examples to understand how PCBs are manu...Read More
PCB industry productive technology development trend
Release on 2019-03-22Surface finishing technology The copper layer on the surface of the PCB needs to be protected in order to prevent oxidation and deterioration of the ...Read More
PCB process manufacturing future trends
Release on 2019-03-22Printed electronics The history of printed electronics is very early, but it has only prospered in recent years. Printed electronics is used in the pr...Read More
PCB industry status and prospect analysis
Release on 2019-03-21A PCB industry development status In recent years, with the global electronics industry shifting to China, the focus of the PCB industry has also shif...Read More
The new trends in antenna PCB materials
Release on 2019-03-20According to the public timetable of major operators around the world, although it is not possible to commercialize the 5G business of the Tokyo Olymp...Read More
PCB board ESD protection circuit design experience sharing
Release on 2019-03-20Static electricity from inside the human body, the environment, and even electronic devices can cause various damage to delicate semiconductor chips, ...Read More
PCB technology trends are developing on the corner
Release on 2019-03-18Improve heat dissipation Along with the miniaturization and high function of electronic devices, high heat generation is generated, and the thermal ma...Read More
PCB technology trends are developing
Release on 2019-03-16In recent years, the market for printed circuit boards (hereinafter referred to as PCB) has shifted from computers to communications. In the past two ...Read More
Technical PCB multi-layer board details
Release on 2019-03-15The PCB multi-layer board refers to the circuit board used in electrical products, and it often uses single-panel or double-panel wiring boards. Using...Read More
Is Apple 5G mobile phone coming
Release on 2019-03-14PCB is a support for electronic components and a carrier for electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing...Read More
Increasing PCB production of both passenger and commercial vehicles propel the market
Release on 2019-03-13A PCB (printed circuit board) is a board base for physically supporting and wiring the components in most electronic applications. PCBs consist of pri...Read More
Flexible Printed Circuit Board Market SWOT Analysis 2025
Release on 2019-03-12Global Flexible Printed Circuit Board Market report is a professional and in-depth study on the market overview, market dynamics, competitive analysis...Read More
GOLDEN FINGER BOARD supplier Blind vias manufacturer china Bendable rigid board supplier
Release on 2019-03-11What's a PCB? Printed circuit board is the most common name but may also be called "printed wiring boards" or "printed wiring cards". Before the adven...Read More
PCB design and layout
Release on 2019-03-09Whether it is single-panel, double-panel, multi-layer board design, it was previously designed with protel, and the existing PADS, Allegro and other d...Read More
Power signal problem in pcb board design
Release on 2019-03-08Power signal integrity in pcb board design In the meter pcb board, we are usually very concerned about the quality of the signal, but sometimes we are...Read More
How to judge IC chip in PCB board
Release on 2019-03-07First, check the board method: 1. Observation method: whether there is burnt, burnt, foaming, board breakage, socket rust. 2. Table measurement method...Read More
PCB board dry area problem solving chapter two
Release on 2019-03-061. Why should the pre-baked board be pre-baked? And is it a low temperature (75 ± 5 ° C) baking? multilayer PCB manufacturer in china Answer: Pre-ba...Read More