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Analysis of the causes of PCB price differences
Release on 2018-11-16PCB Prototype supplier china The cost calculation of the PCB industry is the most special and complicated in all industries. From material cutting, pr...Read More
Application prospect of industrial robot in PCB industry
Release on 2018-11-15HDI PCB manufacturer china At present, the application of industrial robots in the PCB industry is still in its infancy, and it still faces many probl...Read More
Why do PCB boards need to be impedance?
Release on 2018-11-14High Frequency PCB wholesales china The pcb board impedance refers to the resistance and the parameters of the reactance, which hinder the AC. Impedan...Read More
Basic knowledge of PCB board
Release on 2018-11-13Prototype PCB Assembly company china 1. It is strictly forbidden to use the grounded test equipment to contact the TV, audio, video and other equipmen...Read More
Apple cuts iPhone XR order reason may be in PCB quality control?
Release on 2018-11-12Mobile Phone PCB supplier china Earlier, a slightly rough report said that Apple told its manufacturer partners that the company would cut orders for...Read More
Why is the edge of PCB burning when it is electroplated?
Release on 2018-11-09PCB Prototype supplier china As electronic products require sophisticated technology and certain environmental and safety adaptability, PCB plating te...Read More
Circuit board recycling equipment dry separation advantages
Release on 2018-11-08HDI PCB manufacturer china The separation treatment process of the road plate recycling equipment adopts dry sorting. The  advantages of dry sor...Read More
Common Methods of Circuit Board Maintenance
Release on 2018-11-07LED Lighting manufacturer china 1.Visual inspection method By observing whether there is burnt place on the circuit board, whether there is a broken p...Read More
How to avoid crosstalk in PCB design
Release on 2018-11-06Multiple Flex-Rigid Board factory Change of the signal propagation along the transmission line from A to B, c-d will generate A transmission line coup...Read More
Balance the PCB design method
Release on 2018-11-05Ultra-thin PCB manufacturer china Balanced structures avoid bending   The best reason to design a PCB without an odd layer is that the odd layer ...Read More
The main factor in introducing noise in PCB design
Release on 2018-11-02Flex printed circuit board supplier 1. Due to the existence of loop impedance, a voltage drop is inevitably generated in the loop, resulting in a grou...Read More
The concept of voltage tolerance in the noise budget of PCB design
Release on 2018-11-01Net Power Module manufacturer china In high-speed PCB design, a large part of the work is to make noise budgets, planning the noise level of various n...Read More
PCB special routing skills: differential routing
Release on 2018-10-31RIGID-FLEXIBLE BOARD supplier Differential signals are used more and more in high-speed circuit design. The most critical signals in the circuit often...Read More
What kind of market does smart driving bring to the PCB industry?
Release on 2018-10-30Mobile Phone PCB supplier china The trend of automotive electronics is driving the rapid growth of automotive PCBs. With the continuous advancement o...Read More
How to distinguish the PCB board is good or bad?
Release on 2018-10-29Copper Based PCB manufacturer china With the rapid development of mobile phone, electronics and communication industry, and the continuous growth and ...Read More
How to better prevent board warpage during PCB manufacturing?
Release on 2018-10-26Printed Circuit Board PCB Manufacturing Company 1. Reduce the effect of temperature on the stress of the board Since temperature is the main source of...Read More
What are the causes of plate bending and plate warping during the PCB manufacturing process?
Release on 2018-10-25Double sided pcb manufacturer china The reason why each plate bend and the plate warp may be different may be different, but it should be blamed that ...Read More
Method of soldering iron on PCB printed circuit board
Release on 2018-10-24High quality pcb manufacturer When heating, the soldering iron tip should be able to heat the pad and component leads at the same time. The soldering ...Read More
Reasons for PCB board deformation
Release on 2018-10-233D printer PCB supplier, Pcb prototype manufacturer china, pcb board manufacturer china Generally, a large area of ​​copper foil is designed for gro...Read More
What problems do we need to pay attention to in PCB copper cladding?
Release on 2018-10-22To find out more about PCBs, please click on the links below: OEM Pcb prototype manufacturer china, Cheapest PCB ma...Read More