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What is the principle of PCB multi-layer board selection?
Release on2020-11-28PCB laminated structure design has a direct impact on product cost and product EMC. The increase of the board layer facilitates the wiring, but also i...Read More
PCB wave soldering process and mold process size requirements
Release on2020-11-24Use shielding die wave soldering process technology Because traditional wave soldering technology cannot handle the soldering of fine-pitch, high-dens...Read More
Selective soldering and through-hole reflow soldering technology
Release on2020-11-11Selective soldering In selective soldering, only some specific areas are in contact with the solder wave. Since the PCB itself is a poor heat conducti...Read More
What processes does FPC flexible circuit board have? How to test?
Release on2020-11-05The process of FPC soft board includes: exposure, PI etching, opening, electrical testing, punching, appearance inspection, performance testing, etc. ...Read More
HDI printed circuit board market pattern has changed
Release on2020-11-031. Rapid expansion of non-mobile applications Looking back on last year, driven by 5G technology, smart phones developed in the direction of highly in...Read More
What should I do if the solder mask of the printing plate blisters after SMA soldering?
Release on2020-10-31After SMA is welded, light green bubbles will appear around individual solder joints. In severe cases, there will be fingernail-sized bubbles, which n...Read More
5 tips for PCB manufacturing to help you reduce costs
Release on2020-10-28Whether you are a business or an individual, money is a public resource that we all hope to save. When it comes to PCBs, it makes sense not to sacrifi...Read More
Application and Development of FPC Circuit Board
Release on2020-10-26FPC (flexible circuit board) is a kind of PCB, also known as "soft board". FPC is made of flexible substrates such as polyimide or polyester film. It ...Read More
Do you know which parts of cars and airplanes use PCB?
Release on2020-10-23PCBs are key components of electronic components, and they are vital to a variety of industries. PCB has many applications. Today we will introduce th...Read More
PCB application in consumer electronics and industrial equipment
Release on2020-10-21Consumer Electronics Smart phones, computers and many other consumer products that people use every day require PCBs to function. As we add electronic...Read More
PCB application in LED
Release on2020-10-20Printed circuit boards or PCBs are key components of electronic components. Most people use them every day without even thinking about them. They are ...Read More
PCB What is the use of printed circuit boards?
Release on2020-10-16PCB is a board that connects electronic components,They are part of the electronic products we use in our daily lives in all walks of life. They are m...Read More
The role of PCB in the medical field
Release on2020-10-15With the advancement of technology, the healthcare industry is using more and more PCBs, revealing new functions. PCBs play a role in equipment used f...Read More
How is the high precision of PCB made?
Release on2020-10-14The high-precision circuit board refers to the use of fine line width/spacing, small holes, narrow ring width (or no ring width), and buried and blind...Read More
Three common drilling holes (through holes, blind holes, buried holes) in PCB circuit boards
Release on2020-10-10The purpose of PCB drilling is to drill through holes that connect the lines between layers on the board. Via: This is a common hole used to conduct o...Read More
Main raw materials and types of FPC
Release on2020-09-29The main raw materials are right: 1. base material, 2. cover film, 3. reinforcement, 4. other auxiliary materials. 1. Substrate Adhesive substrate Adh...Read More
How many types of PCB board reinforcement materials are there?
Release on2020-09-28PCB board reinforcement materials are generally divided into the following types: 1. Phenolic PCB paper substrate Because this kind of PCB board is co...Read More
What is a high Tg circuit board? The advantages of using high Tg PCB?
Release on2020-09-27The difference between different material PCB boards The PCB boards are divided according to the grade level from bottom to high as follows:94HB - 94...Read More
Matters needing attention in equipment maintenance of SMT workshop
Release on2020-07-23Precautions for maintenance of solder paste printing machine 1. Remove the scraper to clean the residual solder paste 2. Fill the screw guide rail wit...Read More
The basic process components of SMT
Release on2020-07-22SMT is the surface mount technology (abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology), and is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry.called surface mount or surface mount techn...Read More