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PCB process side design
Release on 2019-11-11When the PCB is to be subjected to SMT chip processing, the PCB is transported through the rails on the SMT line. Therefore, a pair of edges of the fo...Read More
The necessity of PCBA cleaning
Release on 2019-11-09First, the typical problem of PCBA failure caused by pollution 1. Corrosion, PCBA assembly uses iron bottom material bottom foot components. Due to th...Read More
Analysis of PCBA pollution hazard
Release on 2019-11-08First, PCBA pollution Contaminants are defined as any surface deposits, impurities, slag inclusions, and adsorbates that reduce the chemical, physical...Read More
What is the design of PCB technology?
Release on 2019-11-07When the PCB is to be subjected to SMT chip processing, the PCB is transported through the rails on the SMT line. Therefore, a pair of edges of the fo...Read More
Via design in high speed PCB
Release on 2019-11-06In high-speed PCB design, seemingly simple vias often have a large negative effect on the design of the circuit. In order to reduce the adverse effect...Read More
Analysis and solution of copper plate copper plating failure
Release on 2019-11-05Copper sulphate electroplating plays an extremely important role in PCB electroplating. The quality of acid copper plating directly affects the qualit...Read More
Can pcb layout be routed at 90°?
Release on 2019-11-04High-frequency high-speed signal transmission lines should avoid routing at 90° corners, which is strongly required in various PCB Design Guides beca...Read More
What is the difference between PCB and FPC?
Release on 2019-11-01About PCBs, called printed circuit boards (printed circuit boards), are often referred to as hard boards. It is a support in electronic components and...Read More
About PCBA, what is PCBA
Release on 2019-10-31PCBA is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board +Assembly, which means that PCBA is the whole process of passing the PCB empty board SMT and then pa...Read More
Tips for taking high-frequency and high-speed signal lines on the PCB side
Release on 2019-10-30I remember that when I was in high school, I knew that the current in the right-hand rule of Ampere was propagating along the direction of the thumb. ...Read More
Which is more economical than PCB-based SMT processing?
Release on 2019-10-29Former electronic product manufacturers, to complete a complete circuit board production, usually need to purchase the PCB back, then contact the patc...Read More
Reasons for high cold welding rate of μBGA and CSP in hot air reflow soldering
Release on 2019-10-28Hot air convection uses air as a medium for conducting heat, ideal for heating components that "bump" from the PCB surface, such as high pins and smal...Read More
Detailed explanation: Why is the PCB you bought so expensive?
Release on 2019-10-26Various factors affecting the price of a PCB The price of PCB is a lot of confusion for many buyers. Many people will question how these prices are ca...Read More
What are the methods of shielding interference in PCB design?
Release on 2019-10-25The transmission rate of high-speed PCB design and wiring systems is steadily increasing, and it also brings some kind of anti-interference vulnerabil...Read More
PCB design preparations to avoid design overthrow
Release on 2019-10-24There are some aspects in the following, all of which are considered in the design process. All the content has nothing to do with other tutorials, it...Read More
What is electronic PCBA labor and materials?
Release on 2019-10-23PCBA labor and materials are actually a processing method, including PCB processing, raw material procurement, SMT processing, PCBA testing, finished ...Read More
Diagnosis and treatment of common poor printing
Release on 2019-10-22Tin infiltration: After printing, there is excess solder paste or burr near the solder paste. Cause: The blade pressure is insufficient, the blade ang...Read More
Common problems with RF circuits and digital circuits on the same PCB
Release on 2019-10-21Insufficient isolation of sensitive lines and noise signal lines is a common problem. As mentioned above, the digital signal has a high swing and cont...Read More
Japan's PCB production has fallen the most, this year has become a strong end
Release on 2019-10-18According to statistics released by the Japan Electronic Circuit Industry Association, the output of printed circuit boards (PCB, hard board + flexibl...Read More
In the PCBA processing, how is the program "moved" into the chip?
Release on 2019-10-17PCBA processing technology has become increasingly mature, with a wide range of applications, playing a key role in today's various intelligent device...Read More