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Op amp circuit PCB design skills
Release on 2019-09-16High levels of PCB layout are important for successful op amp circuit design, especially for high speed circuits. A good schematic is the basis for go...Read More
PCB storage and baking in different regions
Release on 2019-09-12The specific storage time and baking temperature of the PCB are not only related to the production capacity and manufacturing process of the PCB manuf...Read More
Common PCB surface treatment process and its advantages and disadvantages and applicable scenarios
Release on 2019-09-11After we have drawn the PCB, we will send it to the PCB board factory for proofing or mass production. When we place an order for the board factory, w...Read More
PCB solderability design for PCBA manufacturability research
Release on 2019-09-10With the rapid development of modern electronic technology, PCBA is also developing towards high density and high reliability. Although the current le...Read More
Future PCB potential, the current highest process: SLP technology
Release on 2019-09-09As the largest proportion of all kinds of consumer electronics products, mobile phones can best influence the development prospects of the PCB industr...Read More
PCB proofing The difference between lead spray tin and lead-free spray tin
Release on 2019-09-07The process requirements in board production are an important factor, and he directly determines the quality and positioning of a board. Such as spray...Read More
PCB design of crystal oscillator circuit
Release on 2019-09-06We often compare the crystal oscillator to the heart of the digital circuit. This is because all the work of the digital circuit is inseparable from t...Read More
The difference between PCB board and integrated circuit
Release on 2019-09-05PCB board features Can be high density. For decades, the high density of printed boards has grown with the increased integration of integrated circuit...Read More
PCB Industry Terms and Definitions - Crimp Pins and Crimps
Release on 2019-09-04Crimp pin A pin having a specially shaped cross section designed to be pressed into a metallized hole without the need for additional soldering.PCB De...Read More
PCB impedance control
Release on 2019-09-03Without impedance control, considerable signal reflections and signal distortions are induced, resulting in design failure. Common signals, such as PC...Read More
PCB drawing board engineers have an unshirkable responsibility!
Release on 2019-09-02Speaking of the difficult problem of switching power supply, PCB layout problem is not very difficult, but if you want to lay out a good PCB board, it...Read More
Teach you some tips on EMC design of power PCB
Release on 2019-08-30With the development of new energy intelligent network technology, automotive design is no longer a conventional 12V system. On the one hand, high vol...Read More
Selection techniques of magnetic beads in PCB circuit design
Release on 2019-08-29The reason for using patch beads and chip inductors is whether the use of chip beads or chip inductors is mainly in applications. A chip inductor is r...Read More
Why can't the crystal be placed on the edge of the PCB?
Release on 2019-08-281. Description of the problem: For a driving recorder, an external adapter should be added during the test. When the machine is powered on, the test i...Read More
Electromagnetic properties at PCB interconnection points in RF design
Release on 2019-08-27In RF design, the electromagnetic properties at the interconnection point are one of the main problems facing engineering design. This article describ...Read More
How UV lasers are used in the PCB industry
Release on 2019-08-26Due to its flexible processing, high-precision machining and flexible and controllable machining processes, UV laser processing systems have become th...Read More
Ways of PCB plug-ins connection
Release on 2019-08-24A PCB as an integral part of the whole machine generally cannot constitute an electronic product, and there must be a problem of external connection. ...Read More
PCB circuit board baking method and storage method
Release on 2019-08-23Baking can eliminate the internal stress of the PCB, which is to stabilize the size of the PCB. The baked board has a relatively large improvement in ...Read More
Recent technological trends in PCB technology in the electronics field
Release on 2019-08-22Technology in almost all of the world's leading industries has shown signs of growth. One of them is the upgrade of mobile technology, and many new re...Read More
How is China's PCB export prospects?
Release on 2019-08-21As the global PCB industry manufacturing sector is further concentrated in China, the proportion of China's PCB production value to the world will con...Read More