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Main raw materials and types of FPC
Release on2020-09-29The main raw materials are right: 1. base material, 2. cover film, 3. reinforcement, 4. other auxiliary materials. 1. Substrate Adhesive substrate Adh...Read More
How many types of PCB board reinforcement materials are there?
Release on2020-09-28PCB board reinforcement materials are generally divided into the following types: 1. Phenolic PCB paper substrate Because this kind of PCB board is co...Read More
What is a high Tg circuit board? The advantages of using high Tg PCB?
Release on2020-09-27The difference between different material PCB boards The PCB boards are divided according to the grade level from bottom to high as follows:94HB - 94...Read More
Matters needing attention in equipment maintenance of SMT workshop
Release on2020-07-23Precautions for maintenance of solder paste printing machine 1. Remove the scraper to clean the residual solder paste 2. Fill the screw guide rail wit...Read More
The basic process components of SMT
Release on2020-07-22SMT is the surface mount technology (abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology), and is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry.called surface mount or surface mount techn...Read More
High-end PCB demand continues to rise
Release on2020-07-20The laws of industrial development are all traceable. In the past ten years of development, the global IC packaging substrate industry has experienced...Read More
Advantages and disadvantages of FPC flexible circuit boards
Release on2020-07-15FPC: English full spell Flexible Printed circuit, its Chinese meaning is flexible printed circuit board, referred to as flexible board. It is made of ...Read More
PCB design pad types and design standards
Release on2020-07-14In PCB design, the pad is a very important concept, PCB engineers must be familiar with it. However, despite their familiarity, many engineers have li...Read More
Why must PCB require manufacturers to guarantee high reliability?
Release on2020-07-13Reliability = lifeline, is the lifeblood of the success of "electronic products" and "electronic enterprises", should not be underestimated, not to be...Read More
"Three Inspections" and "Three Nos" in PCB Quality Management
Release on2020-07-11In order to ensure that the quality of the PCB can accomplish these three principles, first of all, three inspections are required.Three inspections: ...Read More
PCBA assembly process of different types of printed circuit boards
Release on2020-07-09The PCBA process involves the process of carrier board, printing, patching, reflow soldering, plug-in, wave soldering, testing and quality inspection....Read More
pcb industry development prospect analysis report
Release on2020-07-08At present, China has become the world's largest PCB producer and one of the regions in the world that can provide the largest PCB production capacity...Read More
PCB cooling method
Release on2020-07-071. Heat dissipation through the PCB board itself: the currently widely used PCB sheet is copper-clad/epoxy glass cloth substrate or phenolic resin gla...Read More
Do you know how many aerospace circuit boards 2
Release on2020-07-06The engine may die, and the aircraft can still fly on one engine. The same is true for electronic products. If a circuit board fails, it usually provi...Read More
Do you know how many aerospace circuit boards(1)
Release on2020-07-03Aerospace is currently a hot topic. In the next 20 years, the number of aircraft may double, and tourists can slowly enter space. SpaceX will fly arou...Read More
The role of PCB three anti-paint
Release on2020-07-02Tri-proof paint is a specially formulated paint used to protect circuit boards and related equipment from bad environment. The three-proof paint has g...Read More
Flexible circuit assembly-automated welding process
Release on2020-07-01Automated welding process is usually to weld multiple circuits at the same time, these circuits are designed in a matrix to form a puzzle. Then, apply...Read More
Current status and development trend of PCB industry
Release on2020-06-30The printed circuit board is a bridge that carries electronic components and connects circuits. It is widely used in communications electronics, consu...Read More
PCB slicing analysis and factors affecting heating
Release on2020-06-29Slice analysis technology: It is one of the most common and important analysis methods in the PCB industry. Just like a doctor looking at an X-ray fil...Read More
PCB layer design and electromagnetic compatibility have such a big relationship?
Release on2020-06-28In the design process of high-speed circuit boards, electromagnetic compatibility design is an important and difficult point. This paper discusses how...Read More