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What are the restrictions on PCB baking?
Release on 2020-01-20PCBs are stored for more than 12 months beyond the date of manufacture. Basically, it is not recommended to use them, because the bonding force of multi-layer boards will age with time, and quality problems such as product instability may occur in the future.Read More
Do you know why the expired PCB should be baked before it can be used in SMT?
Release on 2020-01-20For many engineers, they may just not understand "Why must the PCB be baked before the SMT passes through the reflow oven after the PCB expires beyond the shelf life?"Read More
PCB: Widely used worldwide
Release on 2020-01-19PCB (PrintedCircuitBoard): Almost all electronic products need to use PCB, so PCB is called "the mother of electronics". The upstream and downstream of the PCB industry are very clear and can be divided into three links: upstream raw materials, midstream copper clad laminates, and downstream PCB manufacturing.Read More
PCB process edge design
Release on 2020-01-17When the PCB is to be processed for SMT placement, the PCB is transported on the SMT production line through guide rails. Therefore, a pair of edges of the forbidden cloth components must be left as the transmission edges.Read More
5G antenna RF structural changes will drive PCB volume and price up
Release on 2020-01-16In the 4G era, PCB are mainly used in base station BBUs (backplanes, single boards) and RRUs attached to antennas. Due to the small size of RRUs, PCB demand is relatively small.Read More
Is there a difference between gold plating and immersion gold on PCB circuit boards?
Release on 2020-01-15In PCBA SMT processing, PCB circuit board production is a very important part. There are many process requirements for PCB circuit boards. For example, customers often require gold plating and immersion gold.Read More
25 principles of PCB interference suppression design
Release on 2020-01-13The purpose of the "clean ground" design is to ensure that the interface radiation is minimal, and the "clean ground" is easily coupled by external interference, so there should be no other unrelated circuits and devices on the "clean ground".Read More
Layout requirements for special devices in PCB design
Release on 2020-01-10PCB device layout is not a freewheeling thing, it has certain rules that everyone needs to follow. In addition to general requirements, some special devices also have different layout requirements.Read More
5G and HDI Demand——Research on Global HDI PCB Market Structure
Release on 2020-01-09With the further development of 5G, electronic products such as smart phones, tablet computers, and wearable devices are becoming more intelligent, miniaturized, high-frequency, high-speed, and highly integrated, and the number of components on the PCB is also increasing significantly.Read More
Crises coexist! 5G PCB over 100 billion scale market is about to erupt
Release on 2020-01-08The downstream of the PCB industry covers almost all electrical circuit products. The most core and largest application areas include communication equipment, computers, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics.Read More
SMT quality problems and solutions
Release on 2020-01-07Brushing / smearing: It is a common defect in dispensing, and the common causes are the too small inside diameter of the nozzle, the high dispensing pressure, the distance between the nozzle and the PCB, the expired or bad quality of the adhesiveRead More
What is the role of each layer in the PCB board, and what should I pay attention to when using it?
Release on 2020-01-061.Mechanical mechanical layer, as the name implies, is the appearance of the entire PCB board for mechanical shaping. In fact, when we say the mechanical layer, we mean the overall structure of the PCB board.Read More
Characteristics and differences of PCB board and integrated circuit
Release on 2020-01-04To put it simply, an integrated circuit is a general circuit integrated into a chip, which is a whole. Once there is damage inside, the chip is also damaged. The PCB can solder components by itself, and can be replaced if it is broken.Read More
Similarities between analog and digital routing strategies in PCB design
Release on 2020-01-03Bypass or decoupling capacitors:When wiring, both analog and digital devices require these types of capacitors, and a capacitor needs to be connected near its power supply pin.Read More
How do odd-numbered PCBs balance stacking and reduce costs?
Release on 2020-01-02Because of one less layer of dielectric and foil, the cost of raw materials for odd-numbered PCB is slightly lower than for even-numbered PCB.Read More
How to improve PCB anti-interference ability?
Release on 2019-12-31The signal is transmitted on the printed board and its delay time should not be greater than the nominal delay time of the device used.Read More
Why are PCB multilayer boards even layers?
Release on 2019-12-30There are single-sided,double-sided,and multi-layer PCB boards.Among them,the number of layers of multilayer boards is not limited.Currently,Currently,There are already more than 100 layers of PCB,and common multilayer PCB are four-layer and six-layer boards.Read More
What is the use of eye diagrams in PCB design?
Release on 2019-12-27The eye diagram is due to the afterglow effect of the oscilloscope. Each symbol waveform obtained by scanning is superimposed together to form an eye diagram.Read More
Avoid electromagnetic problems in PCB design (2)
Release on 2019-12-26Traces are especially important to ensure the proper flow of current. If the current comes from an oscillator or other similar device, it is especially important to keep the current separate from the ground plane or not to run it in parallel with another trace.Read More
Avoid electromagnetic problems in PCB design (1)
Release on 2019-12-25Ground the PCB An important way to reduce EMI is to design the PCB ground plane. The first step is to make the ground area in the total area of ​​the PCB circuit board as large as possible, which can reduce emissions, crosstalk and noise.Read More