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HDI printed circuit board market pattern has changed

2020-11-03 18:16:59

1. Rapid expansion of non-mobile applications
Looking back on last year, driven by 5G technology, smart phones developed in the direction of highly integrated chips, complex modules, and a substantial increase in the number of components. AnyLayer HDI motherboards have gradually become the mainstream solution for Android-based terminal brands. Especially the Taiwan-based PCB manufacturers with technology and productivity advantages, speed up the phone in the proportion of HDI applications. Market data shows that mobile phone-related applications account for up to 70% of the overall HDI market.

Factory Price multilayer rigid flexible HDI PCB Circuit Board

However, under the influence of the epidemic this year, the utilization rate of HDI capacity was constrained by the collateral impact of the decline in the downstream economy. After a relatively difficult order window period, the capacity utilization rate of HDI was affected by the downstream economy, and capacity release was blocked.
As the domestic epidemic prevention and control has achieved results, the 5G infrastructure has accelerated, and major terminal brand manufacturers have also actively launched 5G mobile phones. Driven by the recovery of downstream demand, there was a wave of orders.

customization HDI PCB Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer

2. Opportunities for domestic manufacturers?
In the expansion from mobile phone consumer applications to non-mobile applications, when Taiwan’s HDI manufacturers have full capacity and orders are crowded, when orders for the production of mobile phone motherboards are the priority, orders for non-mobile phones such as NB and tablets will be Shift to other small and medium HDI factories. At the same time, domestic HDI manufacturers have gradually expanded their original industrial HDI production lines to applications such as smartphones and non-mobile phones, and have the ability to accept more HDI orders.

Custom 6 layer android laptop mobile phone motherboard PCB

All in all, the entire application HDI market gradually moving towards diversification and segmentation, while non-mobile type applications rise, but also bring more market opportunities for domestic manufacturers HDI. In particular, the gross profit margin and bargaining power of high-end HDI are highlighted. How domestic HDI manufacturers complete customer and product card slots has a profound impact on their operations throughout the year.