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5 tips for PCB manufacturing to help you reduce costs

2020-10-28 18:25:55

Whether you are a business or an individual, money is a public resource that we all hope to save. When it comes to PCBs, it makes sense not to sacrifice quality on price, but this does not mean that there is no other way to save money. The cost of manufacturing printed circuit boards depends on many factors, which should be considered when designing a product to help you minimize costs.

Here are 5 tips to help you reduce PCB manufacturing costs.

PCBA customization-IOT industrial 4g DTU/LTE IP modem 4g module

01Minimize the board size

One of the main factors that can have a significant impact on production costs is the size of the printed circuit board. If you need a larger circuit board, the wiring will be easier, but the production cost will also be higher. vice versa. If your PCB is too small, additional layers may be required, and the PCB manufacturer may need to use more sophisticated equipment to manufacture and assemble your circuit board. This will also increase costs.
In the final analysis, it all depends on the complexity of the printed circuit board to support the final product. Remember, it is a good idea to spend less when designing a circuit board.

02Don't avoid using high-quality materials
Although it may sound counterproductive when you try to save the cost of manufacturing PCBs, choosing higher quality materials for your products is actually very beneficial. There may be higher upfront initial costs, but using higher quality materials for printed circuit boards means that the final product will be more reliable. If your PCB has problems due to low-quality materials, this can even save you from future headaches.

If you choose cheaper quality materials, your product may be at risk of problems or malfunctions, which must then be returned and repaired, resulting in more money being spent.

half hole pcb module in china

03Use standard circuit board shape

If your final product allows this, it may be very cost-effective to use a traditional circuit board shape. As with most PCBs, designing printed circuit boards into a standard square or rectangular shape means that PCB manufacturers can more easily manufacture circuit boards. Custom designs will mean that PCB manufacturers will have to specifically meet your needs, which will cost more. Unless you need to design a PCB with a custom shape, it's usually best to keep it simple and follow conventions.

04 Adhere to industry standard sizes and components
There is a reason for the existence of standard sizes and components in the electronics industry. In essence, it provides the possibility for automation, making everything simpler and more efficient. If your PCB is designed to use standard sizes, the PCB manufacturer will not need to use too many resources to manufacture circuit boards with customized specifications.

control board design and manufacturing pcb and PCBA assembling

This also applies to components on circuit boards. Surface mount components require fewer holes than through holes, which makes these components an ideal choice for cost and time savings. Unless your design is complex, it is best to use standard surface mount components, as this will help reduce the number of holes that need to be drilled in the circuit board.

05Longer delivery time
If faster turnaround time is required, depending on your PCB manufacturer, manufacturing or assembling the circuit board may incur additional costs. To help you reduce any additional costs, please try to arrange as much delivery time as possible. In this way, PCB manufacturers will not need to use additional resources to speed up your turnaround time, which means your costs are lower.

These are our 5 important tips to save you the cost of manufacturing or assembling printed circuit boards. If you are looking for ways to save PCB manufacturing costs, then make sure to keep the PCB design as standard and consider using higher quality materials to reduce the risk of problems and shorten the delivery time as much as possible. These factors all lead to cheaper prices.