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How to use the temperature measuring gun correctly?

2020-07-21 18:45:15

At present, there are two mainstream methods for measuring body temperature. One is the contact measurement method represented by mercury thermometers. The measurement is more accurate, but there are potential mercury hazards. At present, many countries in the world have banned the use of mercury thermometers. ; The other is a non-contact measurement represented by an infrared thermometer, which can greatly reduce the probability of cross-infection and is more convenient and faster.
With the spread of new coronary pneumonia, temperature measuring guns have become one of the scarce medical supplies for a while. Many people have temperature measuring guns in their homes, but many people "do not" use temperature measuring guns, and the measured temperature error is extremely large. , There will be an error of 1-2℃ even after the two measurements. What is the reason?

1. What kind of gun are you holding! Forehead thermometer or ear thermometer!

The common electronic thermometers in the market are basically forehead thermometers and ear thermometers, because they are quick and convenient; hospitals often use mercury thermometers because their readings are accurate and stable.

Different electronic thermometers correspond to different detection parts, and the principle of temperature measurement is different. When the staff get your hand, first confirm what gun you are holding, which part of the human body can be detected. For example, some forehead thermometers can detect not only the forehead, but also the outer ear, carotid artery, and even the back of the hand. Some ear temperature The gun must be inserted into the ear canal for use, and you must read the instructions clearly.(Chian Non Contact Lcd Display Human Fever Temperature Thermometer Gun wholesale)

2. Develop the habit of seeing electricity.

We recommend that in the case of testing that needs to be used multiple times a day, you should develop the habit of looking at the battery level. The electronic thermometer may have a serious inaccurate reading when the battery is low. At this time, you need to replace the battery immediately.

3. What should I do if the forehead temperature gun is not allowed?

When the tested human’s forehead is covered by hair, sweat on the forehead, facing the wind vent, strong wind blowing across the surface, etc., the forehead temperature may be seriously low. The corresponding suggestion is to turn around and take the test with leeward wind. Adjust the temperature measurement position and pay attention to the temperature measurement distance (different products have different temperature measurement distance requirements, pay attention to the manual, most of which are 3-5CM distances, too close or far will affect the accuracy).

4. It is recommended to retest the temperature if the temperature is too low.

When the temperature measurement is too low, it is no longer the normal and reasonable temperature of the human body (normal human body temperature is 36 degrees), it is recommended to repeat the measurement.

5. Use alcohol to wipe and disinfect regularly, but make sure to wipe it dry before reuse.

The residual moisture during disinfection will affect the subsequent temperature measurement effect, the same way that human sweat affects the reading.