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High-end PCB demand continues to rise

2020-07-20 17:43:52

The laws of industrial development are all traceable.

In the past ten years of development, the global IC packaging substrate industry has experienced great ups and downs. Similar to the industrial transfer process of the PCB industry, the production capacity of the IC packaging substrate industry is gradually shifting from gathering places such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to mainland China.

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However, due to the relatively high technical, capital, and market barriers in the IC packaging substrate industry, my country's IC packaging substrate market share is seriously lower than the international level. "The IC packaging substrate market has always been dominated by Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese manufacturers. The top ten IC packaging substrate companies have a market share of over 80%, which is highly concentrated and monopolized, while domestic manufacturers have encountered constraints on capital and technology. , Has also led to a relatively slow development in this field." Industry insiders said.

Back in 2017, benefiting from the high sales volume of high-end smartphones, automotive electronics, and the substantial growth of the memory chip market, the global IC packaging substrate market has bottomed out and has grown to the commanding heights of demand in 2018.

Especially in 2019, the commercialization of 5G has driven the PCB industry to increase in volume and price. At the same time, based on the iteration of 5G technology communication technology and product application upgrades, higher requirements have been placed on the process and technological innovation of PCB boards, and the demand for high-end PCBs continues to rise.

The IC package carrier board, as an upgrade of the HDI board, can not only provide electrical connection, protection, fabrication, and heat dissipation for the chip, but also achieve multi-pin, reduce the size of packaged products, improve electrical performance and heat dissipation or multi-chip Modularization and other functions.

At the same time, although my country's IC packaging substrate industry started late, there is a large gap between supply and demand in the market. In recent years, the supporting and cost advantages in my country's semiconductor industry, coupled with the gradual transfer of packaging and testing capacity from international semiconductor manufacturers and packaging and testing foundry companies to China (Pcba Manufacturer Custom Keyboard Pcb Assembly) have directly promoted the development of China's semiconductor packaging and testing industry.

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