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Amazing! Flexible circuit board industry will break out

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-01 15:53:13
With the rapid development of consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablet PCs and wearable devices, china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer are growing fast, and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) is becoming more and more widely used, and the local FPC industry is gradually entering the outbreak period. Experts pointed out that the current annual output value of the global FPC industry is about 100 billion yuan, the Chinese market share of only 10%, the future Chinese enterprises still need to continue to enhance technical strength, expand high-end market, and actively enter the international market.

Circuit boards are usually divided into two categories, one is a rigid circuit board, one is a flexible circuit board, rigid circuit board is mainly used in refrigerators and other household appliances(LED strip pcb Pcb in china), flexible circuit board by virtue of light weight, thin thickness, Good features, as smart phones and other consumer electronics products indispensable components.

As a global consumer electronics manufacturing power, flexible circuit board in the country has a huge demand, domestic flexible circuit board enterprises are ushering in the rapid development. Huang Wei, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that flexible electronic technology will drive the scale of the market, is our country for the development of the electronics industry by leaps and bounds, can become a national pillar industry.

Domestic FPC production is rapidly expanding, but some experts pointed out that the current FPC products, some of the core raw materials, such as flexible CCL, conductive film, shielding film is still in the hands of foreign-funded enterprises, domestic FPC domestic manufacturers to participate in the international market competitiveness is weak , Sales are mainly concentrated in the domestic market, the overall market share is low

Europe and the United States and Japanese companies than domestic manufacturers as early as 10 years to 20 years into the FPC industry, their size is much larger than the domestic manufacturers. Now, the global annual demand for flexible circuit board market for more than 100 billion US dollars, nearly 100 billion yuan, while the domestic enterprises accounted for only about 10% of the global market share.

Although the Chinese enterprises in recent years, flexible circuit board technology has improved a lot, but compared with the international, there is still a gap. Because the Chinese enterprises mainly to double-panel products, and foreign enterprises are mostly multi-layer products and some relatively thin circuit boards. However, in the industry view, with the recent years, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other domestic mobile phone brand by leaps and bounds, domestic FPC manufacturers through their own technological innovation, production process transformation and capacity upgrades, technical level and scale of production and foreign-funded enterprises in the gap Keep shrinking.

In addition to meet the domestic market, the development of overseas markets to become the domestic FPC business another breakout direction. The future of China FPC enterprises future sales growth, the development of power will rely mainly on foreign markets. Foreign market orders technical requirements are relatively high, from the price terms of foreign orders is also higher value-added, income will be higher than the domestic orders.

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