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Challenges and Opportunities for PCB Production in the Internet Age

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-02 10:45:41
PCB industry in the electronics industry occupies an extremely important position, the annual production capacity, creating a huge value. However, these brilliant records, with the development of the times, changes in various conditions, slowly changing. Every year a lot of PCB business losses, PCB industry in a fierce competition and difficult ahead of the line.

In the new era, what factors lead to PCB production development is hampered? PCB is a high pollution, high energy consumption industry, and in recent years the country more and more attention to environmental protection, the requirements of enterprises will become more stringent, enterprises for environmental protection, but also to pay accordingly. In addition, raw material prices continue to rise, the cost of labor is also rising, which led to PCB production costs continue to rise. And the appreciation of the renminbi, the rise of low-cost manufacturing in Southeast Asia, making the original competition on the PCB industry has become more smoke filled.

So, how should the PCB industry respond to changes in the new era? Some companies take into account the cost of the problem, to the central and western transfer, to reduce labor costs. But this way, but increased the other design, research and development, logistics costs, long term, it is not cost-effective. In fact, the current Internet era, there are challenges at the same time, but also to the PCB industry has brought new opportunities for development. PCB industry in the design, production, sales, logistics and other areas, can bring new development, and these changes, perhaps better than the traditional method, more cost savings. For example, in the design do not need to hire a professional design staff, as long as the designer can be invited on the network design, designers a lot, you can choose the right price. The cost of this design is more cost-effective than hiring full-time staff.

This shows that the Internet era to bring the PCB industry is a new development opportunities. But after all, this is a new thing, many Printed circuit board supplier are still on the sidelines, but there are some companies have begun to test the water, and achieved good results.

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