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How to layout to achieve heat it?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-02 11:35:57
PCB heat source has three main aspects: first, the electronic components of the heat; the second PCB itself fever; the third part of the heat from the other part of the heat. In these three heat sources, the components of the largest heat, is the main heat source, followed by the PCB board heat, external heat depends on the overall thermal design of the system, for the time being do not consider. Then the purpose of the thermal design is to take appropriate measures and methods to reduce the temperature of the components and the temperature of the PCB board, so that the system at the right temperature to work properly. Can be considered from the following aspects:

1, through the PCB board itself heat. Currently widely used High Quality PCBs china sheet is copper / epoxy glass cloth substrate or phenolic resin glass cloth substrate, there are a small amount of paper-based CCL. Although these substrates have excellent electrical properties and processing performance, but poor heat dissipation. With the electronic products have entered the miniaturization of components, high-density installation, high fever assembly era, if only the surface area is very small component surface to heat is not enough. At the same time due to QFP, BGA and other surface-mounted components of the extensive use of components generated by the heat generated by a large number of PCB board, so the best way to solve heat dissipation is to improve the thermal contact with the heating element PCB itself, Pass out or emit out.

2, high fever devices plus radiator, thermal plate. When the PCB has a small number of devices when the heat is relatively large (less than 3), the heat sink can be added to the radiator or heat pipe, if the temperature can not come down, you can use a fan with a fan to enhance the heat effect. When the amount of heat generating device is more (more than 3), a large heat shield (plate) can be used. The whole heat sink on the element surface, with each component in contact with the heat. But because of the high and low consistency of components installed welding, cooling effect is not good. Usually in the component surface plus a soft thermal change thermal insulation pad to improve the cooling effect.

3, the use of reasonable alignment design to achieve heat, because the plate in the resin thermal conductivity is poor, and copper foil lines and holes are hot conductor, so to improve the copper foil residual rate and increase the thermal hole is the main means of heat.

4, high heat dissipation devices should be connected with the substrate should be able to reduce the thermal resistance between them. When the air flow on the circuit board always tends to flow in a small area of ​​resistance, so in the printed circuit board configuration device, to avoid in a certain area to leave a larger airspace.
5, the temperature sensitive devices are best placed in the lowest temperature areas (such as the bottom of the device), do not put it directly on the heating device, multiple devices are best in the horizontal plane staggered layout.

6, to avoid the concentration of hot spots on the PCB, as far as possible evenly distributed in the power of the PCB board to maintain the PCB surface temperature performance uniformity and consistency. Often in the design process to achieve a strict uniform distribution is more difficult, but must avoid the power density is too high in the area, so as to avoid overheating the normal operation of the entire circuit.

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