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Do you know the quick way to make a circuit board?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-06-05 09:30:52
There are a variety of HDI pcb Printed circuit board production and processing methods, but the main manufacturing methods are physical and chemical methods.

Physical method: through the use of a variety of tools and power tools, manual circuit board does not need to copper to go.

Chemical methods: By covering the protective layer on a blank CCL, unwitting copper corrosion in corrosive solutions is the method used by most current developers. Cover the protective layer of a variety of methods, mainly the most traditional hand-painted paint method, paste the custom stickers method, film photographic methods and in recent years only developed thermal transfer PCB board method.
Hand painted paint: the paint with a brush or hard pen in the white CCL hand-drawn line shape, dry can be put into the solution before the direct corrosion.

Paste stickers: the market has a variety of stickers are made into strips and disc-like, in the blank circuit board according to the need to combine different stickers, sticky can be corroded.

Film photographic: the PCB circuit board through the laser printer to print on the film, blank CCL pre-coated with a layer of photosensitive material (the market has been coated with copper clad sale), in the darkroom environment exposure, development, fixing, cleaning After the corrosion in the solution.

Thermal transfer: through the thermal transfer printer to print directly on the blank circuit board, and then into the corrosive corrosion.