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Have you done personal anti-epidemic measures?

2020-07-16 15:46:40

These days, how to prevent the new coronavirus has become the focus of everyone's attention. In the fight against the virus, you can neither be brave enough to stand up and fight with the enemy, nor raise your hand to surrender and beg for mercy. All we can do is calm down, protect ourselves, and cut off the chain of virus transmission with safe and careful means. So, as ordinary people, what measures should we take?

Among the protective measures that all individuals can take, the easiest to use and the most effective is to wash hands and wear masks.

Why wash your hands?

The hand is the part most in contact with the outside world and the part most in contact with yourself. According to statistics, a person traveling through public transportation has to meet thousands of people every day; at the same time, a person has to touch his face a hundred times a day. The hand is the easiest way to become a "self-provided" disease vector for everyone. As early as the 19th century, scientists discovered that hand washing can prevent diseases such as cholera. Even the simplest soap washing hands can reduce the probability of infection of various respiratory and digestive diseases by more than 50%. This is tantamount to giving you more than one life.

Comparison chart of bacterial culture before and after hand washing

How to wash hands?

What should I use to wash my hands?

Soap + running warm water can effectively wash away the grease on the surface of the hands and take away the latent pathogens in the grease. But solid soaps can breed bacteria, including very dangerous bacteria like Acinetobacter baumannii. Therefore, the use of hand sanitizer is more safe than soap, especially automatic induction hand sanitizer, you can try to avoid contact. The disinfectant that contains alcohol is the most efficient at eliminating pathogens. Alcohol is effective in killing most bacteria and some viruses (including AIDS, rhinovirus, influenza virus, etc.). According to statistics, 75% alcohol can kill 99.97% of bacteria. Although the current outbreak is not caused by bacteria, you must protect yourself from other diseases in order to avoid going to the hospital and prevent cross infection.

Alcohol whose "degree" is too low or too high is not as effective as 75%. In addition, please remember that medical alcohol is an external product, and it is not drinkable: bad, useless, and harmful.

Avoid contact if possible

anti virus touch free alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser with sensor

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