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Stealing into another country, two men were unfortunate to die

o-leading.com chipstores.com 2018-03-01 11:36:32

The incident took place in the southwestern coastal city of Ecuador, Guayaquil, where the airliner flew from Jose ward de ormedo airport to New York, USA. The local media quoted police chief Marcelo Tovar as saying, "two people climbed into the landing gear. When they took off, they were shot out, or fainted, "the airliner continued to fly.

Two men fell at the southernmost end of the runway. The police did not disclose the nationality and identity of the deceased, only to say that they were between the ages of 25 and 30.

The civil aviation department in Ecuador said the incident had caused the airport to suspend operation for an hour.

The plane belongs to South America Latamu airlines from Peru, with stops in Guayaquil. The law enforcement agency said it might ask the airliner to fly back to Ecuador to assist in the investigation.

There have been some people tried to hide the aircraft landing gear wheel well, almost doomed, died of altitude hypoxia and dozens of minus temperatures or by landing gear extrusion die.

The success of "Grilled aircraft" is a miracle. In April 2014, a 15 year old boy with his family from African immigrants in the United States ran away and left landing gear wells in San Jose California airport to climb into a jet aircraft at high altitude, cold for more than 5 hours, arrived in Hawaii Maui.

When he was at Maui regional airport manager Marvin Moniz told reporters, "he is weak. He hangs completely on the landing gear and then jumps down to the ground. After a little bit of strength, he stood up, began to walk in the direction of the machine, and asked the ground crew to drink water.

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