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Short circuit inspection method for PCB circuit board

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-09-06 19:19:10
If the manual welding, to develop good habits, first of all, to visually check PCB (china pcb manufacturer) plates before welding, and using a multimeter to check whether the key circuit of short circuit; secondly, it use a multimeter to check whether the power supply and ground short-circuit each welding end of a chip; in addition, don't throw the welding iron, if the solder thrown to the welding foot of the chip, it is not easy to find.

Turn on the PCB (pcb board manufacturer china) diagram on your computer, light up the short circuited network, see where it's closest, and easily connect to one. Particular attention should be paid to the internal short-circuit of the IC.

A short circuit was found. A piece of plate is used to cut the secant, and each part of the functional block is energized separately after the secant.

Use short position analyzer, such as: Singapore PROTEQCB2000 short trackers, Hongkong smart technology QT50 short-circuit trackers, the British POLARToneOhm950 multilayer board short circuit detector.

If there is a BGA chip, the chip pads are all covered invisible, and it is the multilayer (more than 4), so the best in the design of the power of each chip is split and connected by magnetic beads or 0 ohm, such power and short circuit, open magnetic detection, it is easy to locate a chip. Since the welding of BGA is difficult, if the machine is not automatic welding, and pay little attention, it will short-circuit the adjacent power supply and the ground two solder ball.