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Various meanings of letters on a circuit board

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-17 15:36:01
The name of the circuit board are: circuit board, PCB board (HDI pcb Printed circuit board), aluminum substrate, high frequency board, thick copper plate, impedance board, PCB, ultra thin circuit board, ultra-thin circuit board, printing (copper etching technology) circuit board, etc.. The circuit board makes the circuit micro and visual, and plays an important role in the batch production and optimization of the fixed circuit. The circuit board can be called printed circuit board (Printed circuit board supplier) or printed circuit board. The English name is (Printed, Circuit, Board) PCB.
Do you know what the letters mean on the circuit board (High quality pcb manufacturer)?Rx is the resistance, there are a lot of resistance in the circuit diagram, numbered R1, R2... 

Cx is the no polarity capacitor, the power input terminal, the anti-interference capacitor;
IC integrated circuit module;
Ux is the IC (integrated circuit element);
Tx is the test point (for factory testing);
Spk1 is Speaker (buzzer, horn);
Qx is a triode;
CEx- electrolytic capacitor, CNx- capacitor, RNx- exclusion resistor, CONx- connector, Dx-Diode (diode), Lx- inductor / magnetic bead, LEDx- led, Xx- crystal oscillator;
RTH (thermistor);
CY (Y capacitor: high voltage ceramic capacitor, safety gauge);
CX (X capacitor: high voltage film capacitor, safety gauge);
D (diode);
W regulator tube;
K switch class;
Y crystal oscillator;
R117: the resistance on the main board is 17;
T101: transformers on the main board;
SW102: switch;
LED101: led;
LAMP: (indicating) lamp;
Q104 (E, B, C): crystal triode, E: emitter, B: base, C: collector.