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The problem of purchasing PCB circuit boards

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-17 13:10:16
In order to maximize production and minimize costs, certain restrictions should be taken into consideration. Moreover, human factors should be taken into consideration before embarking on the design work. 

From the point of view of the assembly of printed circuit boards (Printed circuit board manufacturer), one important factor to consider is that particular attention should be paid to short-circuit problems that may be caused by the insertion of the components and their theoretical positions prior to welding. 

According to experience, the maximum allowable inclination of the component pins shall be maintained at 15 with the theoretical position. Within the angle. When the diameter difference between the hole and the pin is large, the inclination can reach up to 20 degrees. Vertically mounted components can achieve a slope of 25. Or 30 degrees, but this will lead to a reduction in package density.(Pcb design in china)

A plurality of circuit board (Pcb prototype manufacturer china) assembly usually makes on-site maintenance as will be pulled out of the circuit board to be replaced as easy, of course, the prerequisite is independent of each circuit board can exercise its unique function, so that the replacement of the circuit board will not have a lot of demolition, ensure the welding / sealing off the least number of. Therefore, the design of a printed circuit board must take into account its maintainability.