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Why does your PCB always have the problem of eating tin?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-16 13:23:03
In the process of designing and making PCB, have you ever encountered PCB's poor eating tin? For engineers, once a PCB(oem pcb board manufacturer china) board appears to suffer from tin problems, it often means a need to re - weld or even re - manufacture, and the consequences are very painful. So, what are the causes of PCB's poor eating tin? 

Under normal circumstances, the PCB (china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer) board to eat tin phenomenon is the reason, the main reason is that the surface of the line is not partially exposed to tin. 

PCB board surface with grease, impurities and other impurities, or substrate in the manufacturing process has polished particles left on the line surface, or silicone oil residue, will lead to PCB tin eating bad. 

There is a situation will cause the PCB tin plate to eat bad, that is in the process of storage preservation time is too long or wet environment, the production process is not rigorous, resulting in substrate or parts of tin and copper oxide surface tarnish serious. 

In the PCB (PCB assembly Printed circuit board) welding process, there is no guarantee of sufficient temperature or time, or the correct use of soldering flux will also lead to poor tin eating by PCB.