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The quality of PCB etching and its early problems

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-15 13:04:16
The basic requirement for etching quality is the ability to remove all the copper layers except the resist completely. Strictly speaking, if it is to be precisely defined, the etching quality must include the consistency of the wire width and the extent of the etching. Because of the inherent characteristics of etching fluid, etching is not only downward, but also affects the direction of both sides, so side etching is almost inevitable. 

The structure of the etching equipment and the etching liquid of different components will affect the etching factor or side etching degree, or, in optimistic terms, can be controlled. Some additives can reduce the degree of corrosion. The chemical constituents of these additives are generally trade secrets, and their developers are not disclosed to the outside world. 

In many ways, the quality of PCB (Small volume pcb manufacturer) etching has existed long before the board entered the etching machine. Because there is very close internal relation between each process or process of printed circuit processing, there is no process without any influence from other processes without affecting other processes. Many of the problems that are considered to be quality of etching actually exist in the process of film removal or even more recently.