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Reason and improvement of open circuit for PCB printed circuit board

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-09-04 12:20:16
PCB line opening and short circuit is the problem that almost every day PCB manufacturers (pcb board manufacturer china) will encounter, and has been plagued with production, quality management personnel, and its consequences are difficult to solve in the industry. Experts from China epoxy resin industry association have accumulated some experience in improving the PCB opening and short circuit problems. The main reasons for PCB (High Quality PCBs china) open circuit are summarized and classified into the following aspects and solutions are presented one by one.
Cause analysis of the above phenomenon
1, copper plate before entering the library, there are scratches;
2 copper plate is scratched during the opening process;
3. Copper plate is scratched by drill when drilling;
4 copper clad plate was scratched during transit;
5, after piling copper plate, due to improper operation, resulting in surface copper foil was bruised;
6, the production plate in the horizontal machine surface copper foil was scratched.

Its improvement method mainly has:
1, copper clad laminate in the library before the IQC must conduct random inspection, inspection panel whether there is scratch exposed substrate phenomenon, if there should be timely contact with suppliers, according to the actual situation, make appropriate treatment.

2, CCL was scratched in the cutting process, the main reason is the cutting machine table are hard tool material, cutting tool material and copper clad copper foil exposed material formation caused by friction scratch phenomenon, so it must be carefully clean the table, to ensure the smooth surface without the presence of hard and artifacts.