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PCB machining characteristics

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-09-05 13:49:13
The printed circuit board (PCB with imedance control) is machined with printed circuit board substrate copper-clad laminates. The copper clad laminate is made of adhesive material and copper foil by hot pressing.

There are mainly two kinds of reinforcing materials for printed circuit board laminates: copper foil and fiberglass paper. At present in the printed circuit industry printed circuit board (Quick turn pcb Printed circuit board) is the most commonly used epoxy glass fiber cloth. 

Whether it is paper substrate or glass fiber cloth, its mechanical properties are relatively poor. From the composition of their structure can be seen, they are brittle and obvious stratification, higher hardness of the machining tool wear plate, containing resin is not cured, the generation of mechanical friction in the process of the heat will make the incompletely cured resin showed softening viscosity, increase friction resistance, broken tool at the same time, produce greasy dirt, affects the machining quality. In order to improve the quality of the processing, it is necessary to use carbide cutting tools, large feed cutting to ensure the quality of the processing. pcb board manufacturer china