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LAM technology leads the future of LED

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-09-01 15:09:00
As we all know, LED industry, as a green industry, has many advantages, such as environmental protection, health, energy saving and so on. In the future, LED industry will further enhance the concentration of industries, the advantages of resources will be closer to the advantages of enterprises.

LAM process: punching, etching copper, etching, surface treatment, testing
First of all, most of the use of the LED industry is the general structure of PCB, double-sided circuit board structure is complex, heavy and not easy to hole, but double ceramic circuit board LAM production only by the metal layer, ceramic and metal layer three parts, because the ceramic itself is not conductive, completely replace in insulation the insulating layer, and the PCB will be compared to many thin, light and easy to assemble.

Secondly, LED products in the process of using once long time operation, due to the insulating layer of heat conduction rate is too low, the high temperature heat can not be timely, it is easy to cause a short circuit breaker and caused, but the use of LAM technology can avoid this phenomenon, does not contain any organic inorganic ceramic components using this technology to produce ceramic circuit board, insulation well, does not lead to open circuit and short circuit, so the high temperature resistance, anti radiation breakdown.

Thirdly, the phenomenon of chip shedding in LED industry emerges one after another, and it can not be welded, which greatly affects the packaging effect. But LAM technology produces ceramic circuit boards have more matching thermal expansion coefficient, and chip more fit, along with the chip expansion, cold contraction, so fall out of this aspect of the problem, do not worry, LAM technology can do.