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Pyrolysis of waste PCB circuit boards

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-31 16:36:05
In recent years, pyrolysis technology of organic waste has been used more and more because of its lower pollution emission and higher energy recovery rate. Using pyrolysis technology to dispose waste printed circuit board (High Quality PCBs china) can not only recover the metal in the circuit board, but also realize the resource utilization of non metallic components such as resin and glass fiber. It has certain attraction. 

Pyrolysis is the process of heating organic matter to a certain temperature under anoxic or anaerobic conditions to decompose it into gas, liquid (oil), solid (coke), and recycle it. 

First remove the components on the circuit board, then smash the plate to a certain size and send it to the reactor for pyrolysis. Polymers such as epoxy resins are heated under inert gas to a certain temperature and undergo thermal decomposition to produce low molecular weight substances. 

The main pyrolysis gases of pyrolysis products are CO2, CO, HBr, lower aliphatic hydrocarbons and some low relative molecular aromatic hydrocarbons. Pyrolysis gas has a certain calorific value, which can be recovered as heat source of pyrolysis process.
Pyrolysis oil has a complex composition, a large boiling point range and high calorific value, and has the properties similar to crude oil. Pyrolysis oil contains many valuable components, and if it can be rationally recycled, it will greatly improve the economy of the whole pyrolysis process.