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Brief introduction of photoelectric PCB Technology

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-22 13:21:32
With the rapid and comprehensive development of multimedia services including telephony, cable television (CATV), digital television and Internet, the demand for circuit bandwidth and capacity has increased dramatically. In traditional electrical fields, the speed of signal transmission and switching has been limited. 

Take the electronic computer for example, the main frequency of CPU has reached 2-2.9GHz, and the speed of the transmission of the bitstream has reached dozens or even thousands of Gbit in the telecommunication trunk. In contrast, the bus transmission of the computer still stays at 10-100M, and the height is only Gbit. 

Obviously, the rate of computer bus connection and computer interconnection has become the bottleneck of the whole computer environment. For a long time, there has been talk about the use of light as a means of interconnection between computers (including boards) and computers. In principle, the transmission rate by wires by the parasitic parameters (parasitic resistance, inductance and capacitance side effects) and restrictions, such as the signal transmission rate of FR-4 material commonly used in about 70% of the speed of light, this rate in many areas has been unable to meet the demand. 

Optical interconnects can overcome this situation. Photons have large bandwidth and low transmission loss, free from crosstalk and magnetic interference. When transmitting multiple wavelengths in the same optical medium, different wavelengths can pass in parallel. Therefore, photon applications in the field of electronics have played an important role. 

In this context, the concept of optoelectronic printed circuit boards has been proposed. Simply speaking, EOCB is to integrate the light and electricity, to do optical signal transmission, the package substrate of a new generation of high operation operation by electricity required, will present the development of a very mature traditional printed circuit board is coated with a light guide layer. Therefore, the use of circuit boards has been developed from the current electrical connection technology to the optical transmission field.

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