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Several elements of the late stage inspection of PCB design

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-09 14:00:27
When a PCB board completes the layout and wiring, and checks the connectivity and spacing without making a false report, is a piece of PCB (High Quality PCBs china) finished? The answer is, of course, negative. Many beginners also includes a number of experienced engineers, because time is tight or impatient or too confident, often ignore the later check get throught a thing carelessly.

As a result, there are some basic BUG, such as insufficient line width, component labels, screen printing on the through-hole, sockets too close, signal loop, and so on. Which leads to the electrical problems or process problems, to a serious waste. So, when a PCB (Pcb prototype manufacturer china) completes layout and wiring, one of the most important steps is the later check.

There are many details about the PCB's inspection. This article lists some of the basic and most error prone factors that are considered as late checks.

1 component package
If it is a new device, it is necessary to draw the component package to ensure the proper spacing. The spacing between the pads directly affects the welding of the components. For plug-in devices, the size of the hole should be retained enough margin, generally reserved not less than 0.2mm, more appropriate.

2 layout
IC should not be near the edge of the board. Devices of the same modular circuit should be placed close to. And the location of the socket according to the actual installation.

3 wiring
The line width should be selected by combining process and ampacity, and the minimum linewidth should not be less than the minimum line width of the PCB manufacturer (pcb manufacturer in china). For USB, the Ethernet arithmetic line, line length, pay attention to the same plane, parallel, spacing by impedance.