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Analysis of the development status of PCB manufacturers
Release on 2019-04-19From the perspective of the location of PCB manufacturers, overseas PCB manufacturers are still in a leading position. Domestic-funded enterprises hav...Read More
Maintenance and maintenance of PCB plating production line
Release on 2019-04-18Equipment Types In the production process of printed circuit boards, there are two main types of plating equipment, one is horizontal plating line and...Read More
Required knowledge about SMT, PCB, PCBA, DIP
Release on 2019-04-171. SMT is one of the basic components of electronic components, called surface assembly technology (or surface mount technology), which is divided int...Read More
What should I pay attention to when pcb proofing?
Release on 2019-04-16Being able to apply and produce, and then become a formal and effective product is the ultimate goal of PCB layout, the work of layout is a paragraph....Read More
A brief introduction to the PCBA process
Release on 2019-04-15Simply put, the PCBA process is a combination of SMT processing and DIP processing. According to the requirements of different production technologies...Read More
Analysis of the causes of PCB board deformation
Release on 2019-04-12When the PCB board is reflowed, it is easy to cause the board to bend. If it is serious, it will even cause the components to be welded, tombstone, et...Read More
What is PCB? Are you really understanding the PCB?
Release on 2019-04-11A key component in the electronics industry is called printed circuit board (PCB). This is a too basic component that makes it difficult for many peop...Read More
Static protection common problems and solutions
Release on 2019-04-10ESD Static Prevention Common Problems and Solutions Static electricity is a natural phenomenon that people are very familiar with. Many functions of s...Read More
PCB board ESD protection circuit design years of practical experience sharing
Release on 2019-04-09Recently, I have been doing ESD testing of electronic products. From the test results of different products, I found that this ESD is a very important...Read More
PCB circuit board is blocked by holes. Why?
Release on 2019-04-08The conductive hole Via hole is also known as the conductive hole. In order to meet the customer's requirements, the conductive hole of the circuit bo...Read More
PCB is the "lifeline" of electronic products, with high growing speed
Release on 2019-04-04PCB is the "lifeline" of electronic products. As 5G, cloud servers, automotive electronics, etc. will continue to drive PCB growth. Immersion Gold man...Read More
9 common senses for basic PCB inspection
Release on 2019-04-03PCB board inspection should pay attention to details in order to better guarantee product quality. When testing the PCB board, we should pay attention...Read More
Attention! The most critical design steps of layout here
Release on 2019-04-02The important influence of PCB layout on the printed board determines the manufacturing, installation and post-maintenance costs of the printed board ...Read More
How do PCB companies work together for the next golden decade?
Release on 2019-04-01The director, Lei, said that the changes in mainland China over the past decade have been caused by the financial crisis in 2008. China’s total GDP i...Read More
Engineers engage in PCB design, which software should I learn?
Release on 2019-03-29Today I discuss a question that many beginners are concerned about. It is also a question recently asked by many small partners: At present, there are...Read More
Xiaomi India announced the local assembly of PCB board
Release on 2019-03-28Xiaomi, the number one Chinese smartphone brand in the Indian mobile phone market, announced on April 9 that it will open three new mobile phone facto...Read More
How to prevent PCB board deformation, several reasons are following:
Release on 2019-03-27When the PCB board is reflowed, it is easy to cause the board to bend. If it is serious, it will even cause the components to be welded, tombstone, et...Read More
Industrial robots in the PCB industry
Release on 2019-03-26The PCB industry is a technology-intensive and capital-intensive industry, but it is still a labor-intensive industry. A large number of automation eq...Read More
2019 PCB global market analysis
Release on 2019-03-25(1) Scale of output value Thanks to the strong pull of new downstream sectors such as digital currency, the PCB industry ended its decline in 2017 for...Read More
Why are PCB boards mostly green
Release on 2019-03-25What is the color of the PCB board, as the name suggests, when you get a PCB board, the most intuitive way to see the color of the oil on the board is...Read More