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Discrimination of white pollutants in PCBA assembly welding cleaning process - cause - elimination
Release on 2019-06-26Green cleaning technology, also known as pollution-free cleaning technology, together with lead-free soldering technology, is one of the two key techn...Read More
Summary of PCB layout rules to sum up
Release on 2019-06-251. Follow the layout principle of “first big and then small, first difficult and easy”, that is, important unit circuits and core components should ...Read More
PCB printing technology is going to the nano level, are you laid out in advance?
Release on 2019-06-24The future of nanotechnology for printing and printing inks is becoming more and more important, not only in Europe, but in a revolution in science an...Read More
A trick to get the quick spelling skills commonly used in PCB
Release on 2019-06-21The so-called imposition is actually a piece of veneer into a large board, leaving V-Cut, craft edge, stamp hole and other process spacing, placing fi...Read More
Some minor principles of PCB technology
Release on 2019-06-20Printed wire width selection basis: The minimum width of the printed wire is related to the amount of current flowing through the wire: 1: The line wi...Read More
PCB design must master: switching power supply ripple measurement method
Release on 2019-06-19One of the most critical indicators of switching regulators is ripple, which is mainly caused by the way the switch is switched. It also affects the o...Read More
Six tips for choosing PCB components
Release on 2019-06-18The best PCB design method: Six things to consider when choosing based on component packaging. All of the examples in this article were developed usin...Read More
5 common test methods for PCBA
Release on 2019-06-17Common methods of PCBA testing, mainly the following: 1, manual testing Manual testing relies directly on visual testing to confirm component placemen...Read More
PCBA standard cleaning process
Release on 2019-06-151. The significance of cleanliness Highly reliable applications require a controlled, sophisticated post-weld cleaning process. With the high frequenc...Read More
PCB design must master: measurement of switching power supply ripple
Release on 2019-06-14To effectively reduce the output ripple of the switching power supply, we must first have a more reliable test method. The false waveform caused by th...Read More
PCB design method for reducing multi-layer board to two-layer board
Release on 2019-06-13Some PCB design powerpcb files can't be degraded by normal mode. I tell you a way to reduce the multi-layer board to two-layer board: In the first ste...Read More
PCB inspection, you must know this 9 points
Release on 2019-06-12Pay attention to the following 9 common senses when testing PCB boards to ensure the quality of the products. 01 It is strictly forbidden to use the g...Read More
How to choose a cleaning machine
Release on 2019-06-11In recent years, under the tide of upgrading electronic products, more and more electronic products are moving toward the trend of intelligence and mi...Read More
Setting test points on the PCB board
Release on 2019-06-10The purpose of setting up the test points on the PCB board is to test whether the components on the board meet the specifications and solderability. F...Read More
How to choose PCB circuit board encapsulant?
Release on 2019-06-06At present, there are mainly three kinds of PCB board encapsulants, namely polyurethane potting glue, epoxy potting glue, and silicone potting glue. H...Read More
PCB board introduction, advantages and specific steps of copying board
Release on 2019-06-05Printed circuit board, PCB circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, is the provider of electrical connections for electronic component...Read More
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Industry Research and Analysis Report
Release on 2019-06-04Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a basic electronic component widely used in various electronic and related products. Before the advent of PCB, the elec...Read More
Analysis on PCBA fault phenomenon
Release on 2019-06-03The modern electronic assembly process is mainly based on PCBA. Therefore, the research on the reliability of electronic assembly process is mainly ca...Read More
How to prevent static electricity during PCBA processing?
Release on 2019-06-01When performing PCBA processing, the processing personnel will insert or mount components in strict accordance with the bill of materials, PCB silk sc...Read More
How is PCB producing a sample?
Release on 2019-05-31PCB proofing has the following specific process: 1 First of all, we need to tell the manufacturer the relevant data of the size, process requirements,...Read More