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Analysis of the Causes of "Dip Plating" on Wet Film Plate
Release on 2019-12-091. The copper surface brushed out before screen printing must be clean to ensure good adhesion between the copper surface and the wet oil film.Read More
PCB thermal design requirements
Release on 2019-12-07The heat sink should be at a proper distance from other components on the same circuit board. It should be calculated by heat radiation so as not to make it unsuitable to increase the temperature.Read More
Ceramic substrate PCB board
Release on 2019-12-06Ceramic substrate refers to a special process board where copper foil is directly bonded to the surface (single-sided or double-sided) of alumina (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate at high temperature.Read More
When there are multiple digital / analog function blocks in the PCB, why should the digital / analog
Release on 2019-12-05The reason for separating the digital / analog ground is because the digital circuit will generate noise in the power and ground when the high and low potentials are switched. The size of the noise is related to the speed and current of the signal.Read More
How can the PCB design meet EMC requirements as much as possible without causing too much cost press
Release on 2019-12-04The increased cost of PCBs due to EMC is usually due to the increase in the number of ground planes to enhance the shielding effect and the addition of ferrite bead, choke and other high-frequency harmonic suppression devices.Read More
Tips for high-speed (> 100MHz) high-density PCB design?
Release on 2019-12-03When the size of the circuit board is fixed, if you need to accommodate more functions in the design, it is often necessary to increase the trace dens...Read More
Can I add a ground wire between the differential signal lines
Release on 2019-12-021. Can I add a ground wire between the differential signal lines? In the middle of the differential signal, the ground wire cannot be added. The most ...Read More
Several PCBs make up the system,How should the ground wires be connected?
Release on 2019-11-29When the signals or power supply between the PCBs are connected, for example, if there is power supply from the A board or the signal is sent to the B board, there must be an equal amount of current flowing from the ground plane back to the A board (this is Kirchoff current law).Read More
PCB design skills classic problem(二)
Release on 2019-11-281. How to solve the contradiction between manual wiring and automatic wiring of high-speed signals? At present, most of the automatic routers of stron...Read More
How many PCB substrates do you know?
Release on 2019-11-27The PCB circuit board is a necessary circuit board for equipment and electrical appliances, as well as a necessary carrier for software implementation...Read More
How to deal with some theoretical conflicts in actual wiring
Release on 2019-11-26Basically, it is right to isolate the modulo / digital ground. It should be noted that the signal trace should not cross the moat, and the return curr...Read More
PCB design skills classic problem
Release on 2019-11-251. How to choose PCB board? Choosing PCB boards must strike a balance between meeting design requirements and mass production and cost. Design require...Read More
What are the principles in PCB design?
Release on 2019-11-233W principle: When multiple high-speed signal lines are long-distance, the spacing should follow the 3W principle. For example, clock lines, different...Read More
Why does the copper plate of the PCB board blister?
Release on 2019-11-22The blistering of the PCB board surface is actually a problem of poor board surface bonding. The extension is also the surface quality problem of the ...Read More
Welcome to 5G, the overall PCB market is expected to jump in 2020
Release on 2019-11-21The PCB industry welcoming 5G,It is estimated that the overall PCB market will jump first and then jump in 2020,There will be 3% growth,The main thru...Read More
PCBA test fixture classification and inspection standards
Release on 2019-11-201. The ICT test mainly includes the on/off, voltage and current values ​​and fluctuation curves, amplitude, and noise of the circuit. 2. The FCT te...Read More
What changes will be brought to the 5G infrastructure?
Release on 2019-11-19The 5th generation (5G) wireless infrastructure not only opens the way for new applications, but also greatly improves 4G and previous generations of ...Read More
Analysis of the three main reasons for PCB copper
Release on 2019-11-18The copper wire of the PCB is detached (also often referred to as beryllium copper). The PCB factory said that it is a laminate problem and requires i...Read More
PCBA power supply short circuit analysis method
Release on 2019-11-15Dealing with hardware,it will inevitably encounter some pins or network short circuit of PCBA.The most difficult problem is the short circuit of the p...Read More
Talking about the future trend of SMT placement machine
Release on 2019-11-14Mounter:Also known as "mounting machine" or "surface mount system",in the production line,it is placed behind the dispenser or screen printer,and the ...Read More