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Why the film is easily deformed in the PCB process
Release on 2019-02-23First, the reasons for the deformation of the film and its solution: Double Side PCB manufacturer china the reason: (1) Temperature and humidity contr...Read More
PCB hole concept
Release on 2019-02-22Basic street concept Via is one of the important components of a multilayer PCB. The cost of drilling is usually between 30% and 40% of the cost of th...Read More
PCB board design analysis
Release on 2019-02-21First, the overlap of the pads Step Slot manufacturer china 1. The overlap of the pads (except for the surface mount pads) means the overlap of the h...Read More
Common electronic components damage and analysis
Release on 2019-02-20Winter is coming, there is a cold current, some of the body is poor, can not stand the cold and hot changes of the environment, fever, but the strong ...Read More
How to test electronic component diodes
Release on 2019-02-19The detection of electronic components is a basic function of electronic maintenance. To accurately and effectively detect the relevant parameters of ...Read More
Instrumentation Amplifier Captures IoT Low Level Signal
Release on 2019-02-18The realization of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home is inseparable from induction, and it is also the first problem faced by enthusiasts, m...Read More
Analysis of failure of electronic components
Release on 2019-02-16Electronic information technology is the core of today's new technological revolution, and electronic components are the foundation for the developmen...Read More
How to distinguish electromagnetic relays from solid state relays
Release on 2019-02-15Do you know how to judge the quality of electromagnetic relays and solid state relays? The corresponding methods for detecting relay coils, relay node...Read More
The operating principle and the variable frequency varistor function
Release on 2019-02-14A variable frequency varistor is a three-phase reactor in which a piece of cast iron or a steel plate is rolled into a core and a winding is wound out...Read More
15 major experience sharing of component testing
Release on 2019-02-13A large number of various types of electronic components are used in electronic devices, and equipment failures are mostly caused by failure or damage...Read More
5G investment maximum certainty in PCB
Release on 2019-02-12ZTE is in 5G<Ultra-thin PCB manufacturer china>The aspect is actually very strong. As a seed player in the 5G field of the world, ZTE and Huawei will ...Read More
PCB wiring guidelines
Release on 2019-01-31一.&ensp;First, the board design steps In general, the most basic process of designing a board can be divided into three major steps. PCB Assembly man...Read More
Resolves the problem that the PCB design impedance can not be continuous
Release on 2019-01-30Everyone knows that the impedance should be continuous. When PCB design always has an impedance that can not be continuous, what should I do? China do...Read More
How to improve the false welding phenomenon of soldering of circuit board
Release on 2019-01-29Net Power Module manufacturer china 1. Surface tension The cohesion of tin-lead solder is even larger than that of water, making the solder a sphere ...Read More
Smart bracelet PCB design considerations
Release on 2019-01-28Immersion Gold manufacturer china As a more popular product form in the past two years, the smart bracelet has attracted more and more people's atten...Read More
Why does the electromagnetic heating control circuit board often burn out?
Release on 2019-01-25High Frequency PCB wholesales china At present, many companies in the market report that after they use the electromagnetic heating controller to tran...Read More
Why should the PCBA circuit board be painted with three anti-paints?
Release on 2019-01-24Single Side PCB manufacturer china We all know that hundreds of pollutants that can be found on the PCBA board are very destructive. Just like moistu...Read More
How does three anti-paint protect the circuit board?
Release on 2019-01-23Flex printed circuit board supplier It is known that the three anti-paints have a protective effect on the circuit board, and can protect the circuit ...Read More
Problems and solutions for substrates in PCB design
Release on 2019-01-22PCB Design factory china 1. Various soldering problems It is now a symbol: there are blast holes in cold solder joints or solder joints. Inspection m...Read More
5G, the next decade of China PCB's track
Release on 2019-01-21HEAVY COPPER BOARD manufacturer china 5G technology changes, the most significant radio frequency, both PCB offensive and defensive. The wave of 5G co...Read More