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Ways of PCB plug-ins connection
Release on 2019-08-24A PCB as an integral part of the whole machine generally cannot constitute an electronic product, and there must be a problem of external connection. ...Read More
PCB circuit board baking method and storage method
Release on 2019-08-23Baking can eliminate the internal stress of the PCB, which is to stabilize the size of the PCB. The baked board has a relatively large improvement in ...Read More
Recent technological trends in PCB technology in the electronics field
Release on 2019-08-22Technology in almost all of the world's leading industries has shown signs of growth. One of them is the upgrade of mobile technology, and many new re...Read More
How is China's PCB export prospects?
Release on 2019-08-21As the global PCB industry manufacturing sector is further concentrated in China, the proportion of China's PCB production value to the world will con...Read More
PCB industry to do sales, please close the mouth of the complaint, take the legs of work
Release on 2019-08-20In life, at work, we always complain about some bad things, but most people just complain about the two sentences and continue to do their work. Of co...Read More
Why does PCB copper wire off occur?
Release on 2019-08-19PCB copper wire off (also known as beryllium copper), each PCB brand will be said to be a laminate problem, requiring its production plant to bear bad...Read More
PCB enhanced heat dissipation method
Release on 2019-08-16In thermal design, PCB is the most important heat source, and there are three main sources of heat: (1) Heating of electronic components (2) The heat ...Read More
How to reflow soldering SMT red plastic double-sided PCB patch!
Release on 2019-08-15SMT red plastic double-sided patch over reflow soldering furnace has two processes One is double-sided solder paste, one side of solder paste, one sid...Read More
The more serpents on the PCB, the more "advanced"?
Release on 2019-08-14The serpentine line is a kind of routing method often used in the PCB wiring process. Its main purpose is to adjust the delay and meet the system timi...Read More
Common reasons for copper beryllium on PCB boards
Release on 2019-08-13In the PCB manufacturing process, PCB process boards often encounter some process defects, such as poor copper wire on the PCB circuit board (also kno...Read More
PCB layered design
Release on 2019-08-12After understanding the basic information of the board, we must weigh the design requirements of board cost and signal integrity, and choose a reasona...Read More
How much do you know about PCB test probes?
Release on 2019-08-10The PCB probe is a contact for electrical testing. It is a high-end compact electronic hardware component. It is an important electronic component and...Read More
PCB CNC Drilling Machine: Use of Backing Plate
Release on 2019-08-09The PCB printed circuit board is drilled. The upper and lower pads are used to prevent the burrs from being generated on the surface of the circuit bo...Read More
Gold, silver, copper in the PCB
Release on 2019-08-08Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a basic electronic component widely used in various electronic and related products. PCB is sometimes called PWB (Print...Read More
Common techniques for PCB board repair
Release on 2019-08-07Since most modern boards do not have official schematics, and there are more and more chips with programs, engineers will face various challenges. Thr...Read More
5 points of attention for PCB reversal technology
Release on 2019-08-06In the research of PCB reverse technology, the reverse push schematic diagram refers to the reverse of the PCB file map or directly draws the PCB circ...Read More
Do you know what the vias, blind holes, and buried holes of the PCB are?
Release on 2019-08-05Printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, referred to as printed board, referred to as PCB, referred to as in...Read More
Design irregular shape PCB
Release on 2019-08-01The complete PCB we envision is usually a regular rectangular shape. While most designs are indeed rectangular, many designs require irregularly shape...Read More
Can I make a hole in the PCB chip pad?
Release on 2019-07-31When designing a board, sometimes due to the limitation of the board area or the complicated wiring, it is considered to place the via on the pad of t...Read More
What is the impact of copper paving on EMI?
Release on 2019-07-30Theory and analysis of paving of double-panel PCB system 1. Good aspects of paving: Pay attention to the trace of the edge of the PCB of the signal li...Read More