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Factors affecting the quality of PCB drilling
Release on 2018-12-14Laser drilling manufacturer china 1. Printed board is made of resin, glass fiber cloth and copper foil, and the material is complicated. Therefore, af...Read More
What are the techniques for reducing the risk of pcb design?
Release on 2018-12-13Flex printed circuit board supplier In the PCB design process, if the possible risks can be predicted in advance and evaded in advance, the PCB design...Read More
Quality requirements for solder joints on SMT chip PCB
Release on 2018-12-12High Tg PCB manufacturer china 1. Good appearance of PCB solder joints (1) The solder joints on the pcb light board with good soldering quality should...Read More
Future application trends of industrial robots in the PCB industry
Release on 2018-12-11Panel Plating Gold wholesales The application of industrial robots in the PCB industry in the future will present the following trends: 1. From single...Read More
Two methods of pcb solder
Release on 2018-12-10LED Lighting manufacturer china The so-called "reliable" means that the solder joints not only have all the properties required when the product is ju...Read More
How harmful is the printed circuit board to the human body?
Release on 2018-12-07Hard Gold Plating supplier Both manual soldering and industrial automated soldering, as well as workers engaged in electronic product processes, are i...Read More
Electromagnetic compatibility in printed circuit board development technology
Release on 2018-12-06Aluminum PCB factory china ElectromagneticCompatibility refers to the ability of an electronic device to work in a coordinated and efficient manner i...Read More
Circuit board requirements for soldering tin
Release on 2018-12-05Single Side PCB manufacturer china Soldering tin is one of the important industrial links for connecting electronic components in soldering circuits...Read More
Will PCB become "Just - needed goods"?
Release on 2018-12-04HDI PCB manufacturer china PCB, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, as the "mother of electronic products", is widely used in...Read More
High speed growth of automotive PCB for highly electronic vehicles
Release on 2018-12-03Single Side PCB manufacturer china The demand for PCBs in new energy vehicles is equally huge. With the support of industrial policies, the domestic ...Read More
What is the danger of touching the board?
Release on 2018-11-30Multiple Flex-Rigid Board factory In daily life, we are more or less subject to some static electricity. Especially in the winter, it is full of stati...Read More
The role of metallized holes in pcb circuit board manufacturers
Release on 2018-11-29PCB Assembly manufacturer china TH is often referred to as a metallized hole. The pcb circuit board manufacturer coats the entire hole wall with metal...Read More
How to solve the electromagnetic interference caused by pcb multilayer circuit board?
Release on 2018-11-28Multilayer PCB manufacturer china When the small relay on the PCB frequently disconnects from the large current, the phenomenon of arc discharge will ...Read More
New process of high voltage electrostatic separation for road plate recovery equipment
Release on 2018-11-27HDI PCB manufacturer china Circuit board recycling equipment has become a new model of rational use of raw materials in the new era, all kinds of circ...Read More
Comprehensive investment analysis of circuit board recycling equipment
Release on 2018-11-26High Frequency PCB wholesales china First, the environmental protection processing technology of the circuit board recycling equipment: the circuit bo...Read More
Can circuit board recycling equipment solve the problem of electronic waste pollution?
Release on 2018-11-23Prototype PCB Assembly company china Although the potential value of e-waste is very high, due to its complicated structure and containing toxic and h...Read More
PCB ink several important technical performance
Release on 2018-11-22HEAVY COPPER BOARD manufacturer china PCB ink quality is excellent, in principle can not be separated from the combination of the above major componen...Read More
Circuit board capacitance fault maintenance
Release on 2018-11-21High Frequency PCB wholesales china Capacitance failure is the most common fault in electronic equipment. Capacitance damage is often accompanied by ...Read More
Circuit board recycling equipment application and recycling waste circuit board
Release on 2018-11-20Prototype PCB Assembly company china The circuit board can be called a printed circuit board or a printed circuit board. The English name is PCB, FPC ...Read More
Unique advantages of PCB
Release on 2018-11-19LED Lighting manufacturer china Pcb has become the mainstream technology with its unique advantages over other technologies used in components and ele...Read More