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Why should PCB companies implement APS scheduling system?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-09-25 17:02:45

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APS: Advanced Planning and Scheduling, a production management software that comprehensively addresses manufacturing production scheduling and physical control management. It fully automates rapid production scheduling based on various constraints in actual production, and develops detailed and executable production plans and material plans to guide actual production and precise material control.

With the improvement of the technical level of industrialization development, the investment in automation, intelligence and information production lines has led many companies to try to bring considerable efficiency and quality to the automation industry. In the past, companies relied on the experience of planners to manage production. Production planners must have strong industry characteristics, must have rich production planning and scheduling experience to deal with all kinds of complex problems, but the factors considered by personnel can not be comprehensive, and the complexity of real business is easy to ignore production site monitoring, enterprises Usually, only some compromises can be taken to solve the production problem, and the decisions made are easily affected by factors such as people's emotions, employment conditions, and unexpected situations, and human error or fluctuations are inevitable. APS production scheduling software combines current manual scheduling experience with APS's advanced scheduling technology for efficient and fast planned production.(China Mobile pcb board manufacturer)

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APS is a production scheduling system that meets the needs of refined production. It integrates and optimizes from three aspects: production process, material link and information flow, providing effective support for the company's refined production management. The APS system monitors the load status of equipment resources, provides equipment resource load kanban, monitors the utilization of equipment resources, and facilitates management personnel to adjust production according to equipment load conditions. The electronic signage enables the data flow of order information, production information, production requirements and other direct flow from the planned production line to avoid intermediate transfer. At the same time, the frontline staff can grasp the information of the day's production plan, real-time production progress, and order production precautions. The core function of APS is different from other software. It is easy for an enterprise to give accurate work plan under the condition of meeting production capacity, give full play to the production capacity of the enterprise, and manually record the result before entering the excel. Compared with production operations, it is simply not the same. Accurate job planning, accurate material requirements planning, procurement planning, inventory planning, performance production data, performance assessment data, equipment management data, etc. are then fed back to each production link, so that each module is interlocked, for the entire enterprise Management upgrades play a major role in facilitating. Only in this way can the development of the enterprise form an advantage, and it will achieve better economic benefits and create more value.