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Difficulties in the implementation of APS system in PCB enterprises

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-09-26 15:32:15

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1) Production site with complex and variable constraints

Because the complex process path of PCB manufacturing has different special requirements for various equipments, resulting in many bottlenecks of unfixed equipment, uneven production equipment with limited capacity, engineering data loss and fixture defects and personnel proficiency. Production site.

2) Complex production mode of multiple varieties and small batches

Because of the inconsistency of multi-variety and small batches and the inconsistent production cycle, resource sharing is prone to bottlenecks, order changes and production cycle uncertainty, scheduling and scheduling capabilities, difficult to monitor order progress, and material changes, resulting in lack of materials and procurement. Serious delays, material procurement cycle impacts, etc.

3) Dynamically changing production environment

Temporary order changes and emergency order insertions often occur, and the actual progress does not match the planned schedule. The product process is constantly changing, the uncertainty of the process of the new product development process, the maintenance and repair of the machine equipment, and the absence of employees' sick leave.

4) Multi-variety mixed mode of lean production

The ordering needs to be based on the beat optimization order, considering the customer's delivery time, but also considering the upstream supply balance and JIT/JIS punctuality, order, synchronization, and also need to consider the tool fixture change effect.

5) The equipment is uneven and the degree of automation is not high, which makes it difficult to implement the MES monitoring system and the production information is difficult to collect.