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5 common test methods for PCBA

2019-06-17 11:02:28
Common methods of PCBA testing, mainly the following:

1, manual testing

Manual testing relies directly on visual testing to confirm component placement on the PCB through vision and comparison. This technique is widely used. However, the large number of components and the small size make this method increasingly unsuitable. And there are some functional defects that are not easy to detect, and the data is not easy to collect. In this way, a more professional test method is needed. RoHs Compliant manufacturer china.

2, automatic optical inspection (AOI)

Automated optical inspection, also known as automatic vision testing, is performed by a dedicated detector and used before and after reflow to better check the polarity of components. It is easier to follow the diagnosis, but it is a poor method for short circuit identification. AXI Testing  supplier china.

3, flying needle test machine

Due to advances in mechanical precision, speed and reliability, needle testing has gained popularity in the past few years. In addition, flying needle testing is now the best choice for prototype manufacturing, low-volume manufacturing, and the need for a fast-switching, fixture-free test system. Thermal Management manufacturer china.

4, functional test

This is a test method for a specific PCB or a specific unit, which is done by specialized equipment. Functional tests mainly include the Final Product Test and the Hot Mock-up.

5, manufacturing defect analyzer (MDA)

The main advantages of this test method are low initial cost, high output, easy follow-up diagnosis and fast complete short circuit and open circuit test. The disadvantage is that functional testing is not possible, there is usually no test coverage indication, fixtures must be used, and testing costs are high.