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What are the principles that should be followed in PCB layout design?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-05-22 12:06:18
First, consider the PCB size. In Cheapest PCB makers china, if the PCB size is too large, the printed line is too long, which will increase the impedance, resulting in decreased ability to resist noise, the cost increases; if too small, the heat is not good, and adjacent lines vulnerable to interference. After determining the printed circuit board size, determine the location of the special components.

The following principles apply when determining the location of special components:

-as far as possible to shorten the connection between high-frequency components, try to reduce their distribution parameters and mutual electromagnetic interference.

-some components or wires may have a higher potential difference between, should increase the distance between them, so as not to lead to accidental discharge short circuit. Components with high voltage should be arranged as far as possible in the debugging hand difficult to reach the place.

-the weight of more than 15g of the components, should be fixed with a bracket, and then welding. Those large and heavy, more heat and more components, should not be installed on the printed circuit board, but should be installed in the machine chassis chassis, and should consider the cooling problem. The thermal element should be away from the heating element.

-for the potentiometer, adjustable inductance coil, variable capacitor, micro switch and other adjustable components of the layout should consider the structural requirements of the machine.
- should be set aside the PCB positioning holes and fixed stent occupied by the location.