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Wow! Italian founder update the low-cost 3D print PCB workstation

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-05-23 10:27:44
Anyone who has worked on a printed circuit board understands the accuracy required to patch PCBs. This challenge inspired the Italian Finizia to design and 3D print his own PCB workstations. The original design was praised on Thingiverse for nearly 7,000 times, and this design is designed to help users achieve "accurate and stable connection of electronic component pins" on the PCB.

At the beginning of last year, Italian founder released the original 3D print design version, known as the "PCB boom workstation", and now he launched an improved version of the 3D print PCB workstation. So what did Finizia change and add to his design work? First, he replaced the Hirschmann spring-loaded test probe used in previous models for standard sewing needles, which greatly reduced the cost of parts for PCB workstations. In order to solve the spring movement, Finizia for each crane arm to add a flexible pressure mechanism, thus fully ensuring the connection between the needle and the circuit board. He also redesigned the 3D print crane arm, making it thinner, smaller, and released a considerable amount of work space for the user. Finally, the new version of the basic framework is compatible with the various types of articulated arms and accessories.

For the construction of the workstation, enthusiasts can find six necessary 3D files on Finizia's Thingiverse page. They include pedestals, PCB mounts, pedestal supports, vertical arms, needle arms and needle pushers. Of course, if you want to add any attachments or tools to a 3D print workstation, you can make free designs.