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Relationship between PCB circuit board types and laser equipment

2019-12-12 10:27:18

As the "mother of electronic products", PCB has a wide range of applications. With the intelligent development of the electronics industry, the number of PCB layers is increasing, the smaller and the thinner, the thinner and thinner the electronic components are, and the higher the precision of the processing is, the higher the requirements are. Due to its unique advantages, laser technology is increasingly widely used in PCB processing.
PCB is one of the important parts of the electronics industry, and it has the largest proportion in each electronic component subdivision industry, and flexible PCB (FPC) is one of the fastest growing sub-industries in the PCB industry. The advent of the 5G era has also placed higher requirements on the research and development, production and management capabilities of the majority of PCB companies.

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The PCB is called a printed circuit board, and the FPC circuit board is also called a flexible circuit board (a type of circuit board that has high reliability and is suitable for today's technology development trend and is a popular circuit board). After the product development of FPC and PCB, soft and hard Combine the board. Common circuit boards are divided into PCB rigid boards, FPC flexible boards, and rigid-flex boards. Apply to all electronic products, including daily electronic communication equipment, electronic computers, household appliances, etc.

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As a traditional circuit board PCB, because of its characteristics of high density, high reliability, designability, and testability, laser coders are suitable for coding circuit boards and realize products by production date, product quality and related information. Traceability and determination.
FPC is currently only used in the mid-to-high-end market. Due to its unique characteristics, FPC is suitable for coding and cutting by UV fine laser cutting machines. The combination of soft and hard board is the development and application of PCB and FPC, and a new circuit board is born. It has the characteristics of FPC and PCB. It has a certain rigid area and flexible area, which can be used in most applications of FPC and CB.

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PCB and FPC use corresponding laser equipment to code the sub-boards. Cutting can significantly improve the production and processing efficiency and yield, can also reduce pollution, can reduce costs and labor resources, and liberate certain productivity.