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PCB thermal design requirements

2019-12-07 10:14:32

1) When arranging components, temperature-sensitive devices other than temperature detection devices should be placed near the air inlet, and located upstream of the air duct of components with high power and heat generation, as far as possible from the elements with high heat generation. Devices to avoid the effects of radiation, if it can not be far away, you can also use a heat shield (polished metal sheet, the smaller the blackness, the better).


2) Place the heat-generating and heat-resistant device near or at the top of the air outlet, but if it cannot withstand the high temperature, also place it near the air inlet, and try to rise in the air with other heat-generating devices and thermal devices Staggered in direction.

3) The high-power components should be distributed as much as possible to avoid the concentration of heat sources; the components of different sizes should be arranged as evenly as possible to distribute the wind resistance evenly and the air volume to be evenly distributed.

4) The air vent should be aligned with the device with high heat dissipation as much as possible.

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5) The high device is placed behind the low device, and the long direction is arranged in the direction with the smallest wind resistance to prevent the air duct from being blocked.

6) The radiator should be configured to facilitate the circulation of heat exchange air in the cabinet. When relying on natural convection heat transfer, the length direction of the fins is taken perpendicular to the ground. When using forced air to dissipate heat, the direction should be the same as that of the airflow.

7) In the direction of air circulation, it is not suitable to arrange multiple radiators in the vertical close range. Because the upstream radiator separates the airflow, the wind speed on the downstream radiator surface will be very low. They should be staggered or staggered.

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8) The heat sink should be at a proper distance from other components on the same circuit board. It should be calculated by heat radiation so as not to make it unsuitable to increase the temperature.

9) Use PCB to dissipate heat. For example, heat can be dissipated through a large area of ​​copper (can be considered to open a soldering window), or the ground connection vias can be guided to the plane layer of the PCB board, and the entire PCB board can be used for heat dissipation.