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Is the laser cutting PCB mature?

o-leading o-leading.com 2019-01-03 16:47:34

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In today's PCB circuit board segmentation market, the requirements for PCB product quality are getting higher and higher, especially the PCBA products carrying components and the mini-PCB products have extremely high quality requirements, and the board for PCB circuit boards is proposed more. High requirements. The traditional PCB sub-board equipment is mainly processed by the cutter, milling cutter and boring tool. There are many disadvantages such as dust, burr and stress, which have a great influence on the PCB board with small components or components. These traditional methods of sub-boarding are not enough for new application adaptability. At this point, the introduction of the laser cutting PCB process provides a new solution for PCB sub-board processing.

The advantage of laser cutting PCB is that the cutting gap is small and the precision is high. The heat affected area is less than 0.1mm. Compared with the traditional PCB cutting process, the laser cutting PCB is completely dust-free, stress-free and burr-free, and the cutting edge is smooth and tidy. So is the laser cutting PCB device now mature? Can it be applied on a large scale? At present, laser cutting PCB equipment is not yet fully mature, mainly because the defects of laser cutting PCB equipment are very obvious.

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The defect of laser cutting PCB equipment is that the cutting speed is low, the thicker the cutting material is, the lower the cutting speed is, and the processing speed of different materials is also different. Take FR4 material as an example, 1.6mm double-sided v-grooving plate, 15W The speed of the UV laser cutting machine is less than 20mm/s. Compared with the traditional processing method, it can not meet the needs of mass production. If multiple devices are used to quantify the product, the hardware cost of the laser cutting PCB device itself is high. It is about 2-3 times the price of traditional milling equipment. The higher the power of laser equipment, the more expensive it is. If three laser cutting PCB equipments can meet the speed of cutting a PCB with a milling cutter, this cost will not be Living. On the other hand, the laser cuts thicker materials such as PCBs of more than 1 mm, and the cross section of the cut has the effect of carbonization, which is why many PCB processing manufacturers cannot accept it. (GOLDEN FINGER BOARD supplier)

In short, the shortcomings of the relatively high cost and low speed of laser-cut PCB equipment on the market today have not matured the market, but the laser technology has been improving. The higher the power of the laser, the better the beam quality, the laser The high frequency and high pulse energy required for cutting PCB are also getting better and better, the stability is getting higher and higher, and the cost price of equipment is getting lower and lower. At this stage, it is preparing for market maturity, facing high power and automation. The development of low cost.