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How to improve the high precision technology of printed circuit boards?

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-08-30 14:59:25

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Printed circuit boards are a high-tech technology, and the precise positioning of the circuit is important. The circuit board for making buried and blind hole structure needs to be completed by multiple pressing, drilling and hole plating, so it is necessary to make precise positioning at the beginning; let's share how to improve the printed circuit board. Precision technology.

In addition, in addition to increasing the number of wiring on the board, buried, blind, through-hole technology buried, blind, through-hole circuit board bonding technology is also an important way to improve the high density of the board. (Printed circuit board supplier)

Generally buried and blind holes are tiny holes. Buried and blind vias use "closest" inner-layer interconnects, which greatly reduces the number of vias formed, and the spacer layout is also greatly reduced, thereby increasing the number of effective and inter-layer interconnects in the board and increasing mutual Even with high density, the buried, blind, and through-hole combined multi-layer boards have a minimum interconnect density of at least 3 times the same size and number of layers as the conventional all-via structure, if under the same technical specifications, The board of the buried, blind, and through-hole combination will be greatly reduced in size or the number of layers will be significantly reduced.

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Circuit boards are therefore widely used in high-density printed devices for external devices. Buried and blind hole technologies are increasingly used, not only in printed boards for exterior devices in large computers, communication equipment, etc., but also in civil and industrial applications. It is also widely used in the field of use, and is even applied in some thin plates.