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Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Fast Manufacturing Circuit Board Methods

o-leading o-leading.com 2018-08-16 16:15:05

Physical methods: This method is laborious and has low precision, and only relatively simple lines can be used. The main shortcomings are time-consuming, the accuracy is not easy to control and there is unrecoverable, and the operation requirements are very high.

Chemical method: The process is relatively complicated, but the precision is controllable. It is the most widely used rapid plate making method, but there are still many problems.

1) Printing accuracy depends on the accuracy of the printer cartridge used. Printers with poor performance print out uneven lines, which can cause disconnection and adhesion during corrosion.

2) The exposure and development time of the photosensitive plate are not easy to control, and the optimal exposure time of each batch of plates will be different, and it is necessary to undergo repeated tests to master.

3) The control of the corrosion process is difficult: the single-plate corrosion board cannot be equipped with the professional control equipment used in the mass production of the circuit board factory, and the temperature, concentration and pH of the corrosion solution will have a great influence on the corrosion quality. To complete a circuit board, you must have accumulated many experiences. Otherwise, material scrapping is very serious.

4) The photosensitive plate has high environmental requirements and must be stored under all black and low temperature conditions. The exposure process must also be carried out under darkroom conditions.

5) Silver salt (photosensitive material) and copper salt (corrosion product) are all toxic. The operation during the corrosion process should be very careful. It is difficult to clean the body or clothing, and due to environmental reasons, the waste liquid treatment after etching is troublesome.

6) The etched finished board must be hand-worked, and manual punching is difficult to control.(printed circuit boards supplier

At present, the requirements for process and speed of circuit board manufacturing of electronic digital products, automobiles, medical products, etc. are relatively strict. Therefore, as a circuit design engineer, it is necessary to have a solid and solid circuit production foundation and skilled Operational skills, and slowly accumulate and summarize.