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Pcb prototype manufacturer china, Small volume pcb manufacturer, china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer

Pcb prototype manufacturer china, Small volume pcb manufacturer, china Rigid-flexible pcb manufacturer

  • PCB P/N:259278
  • Material: FR-4
  • Layer: 2L
  • Board thk:3.0mm
  • copper thk:35UM
  • Smallest hole size:0.3MM
  • No. of holes (pcs):759
  • line w/s:5/5mil
  • Impedance control. Y / N (Tol %):Y
  • Surface : HAL Lead  Free
  • Solder Mask Silkscreen:Green
  • Single board size:Dim X (mm):256;Dim Y (mm):394
  • Special:12L with Impedance control
  • Routing/Punching:CN
Welcome to O-leading

O-Leading strives to be your one stop solution partner in EMS supply chain, including PCB design , PCB fabrication and PCB assembly (PCBA).We provide some of the most advanced PCB technology, including HDI PCBs,multilayer PCBs, Rigid-Flexible PCBs.We can support from quick turn prototype to medium & mass Production.(Small volume pcb manufacturer)

In general, our global customers are very impressed with our services:rapid response, competitive price and quality commitment.Providing more valuable technical service and overall solution is the way O-leading forward. 

Looking to the future, O-leading will concentrate on the innovation and development of electronics manufacturing technology as always, and make persistent efforts on PCB & PCBA one-stop service to provide first-class services and create more value for our customers.

We are professional PCB manufacturer with more than ten years experiences . Products range-single, double side ,multi-layer PCB ,flexible PCB and MCPCB.We can provide fast prototype service – S/S in 24hrs , 4-8layers in 48-96 working hrs production time.Pcb prototype manufacturer china


Pack with colorless transparent bubble film ,25 PCS/ bag, put desiccant in flank, put humidity  indicator card on top side

Product Description

Place of Origin  Guang dong, China (Mainland)  Brand Name  O-Leading 
Model Number  power bank pcb assembly pcba manufacturer  Base Material  FR-4,,Aluminum 
character Industrial Control pc  Board Thickness  0.1-5mm 
Min. Hole Size  0.2mm  Min. Line Width  0.2mm 
Surface Finishing immersion gold ,OSP,lead free HASL  Min.Line Spacing  0.2mm 
color  blue ,red ,green,black.yellow  price  $0.1-$10 
applicable to   
led,mobile phone,air conditioners,washing machines 
Copper Thickness  0.5oz-5oz
certificates   ISO9001,UL,RoHS,SGS  size  0.01m3-10m3 
desigh typeQ/CTN  client requirement Q/CTN 10PCS-100PCS  
weight  0.01kg -5kg  MOQ  10pcs 

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Packaging & Delivery

 Process Capability

PCB Production Capabilities
Layer Count: 1Layer-32Layer
Finished copper thickness: 1/3oz-12oz
Min Line width/spacing internal: 3.0mil/3.0mil
Min Line width/spacing external:  4.0mil/4.0mil
Max Aspect Ratio:  10:1
Board thickness: 0.2mm-5.0mm
Max Panel size(inches):  635*1500mm
Minimum Drilled Hole Size:  4mil
PIated Hole Tolerance:  +/-3mil
BIind/Buried Vias (AII Types):  YES
Via Fill(Conductive,Non-Conductive): YES
Base Material: FR-4,FR-4high Tg.Halogen free material,Rogers,Aluminium base,Polyimide,
              Heavy Copper
Surface finishes: HASL,OSP,ENIG,HAL-LF,lmmersion silver,lmmersion Tin,Gold fingers,Carbon ink

SMT Production Capabilities
PCB Material:  FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,Aluminum-based board
Max PCB size: 510x460mm
Min PCB size:50x50mm
PCB Thickness:0.5mm-4.5mm
Board thickness:0.5-4mm
Min Components size: 0201
Standard chip size component:  0603 and larger
Component max height:15mm
Min lead pitch: 0.3mm
Min BGA ball pitch:0.4mm
Placement precision:  +/-0.03mm



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