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Deformation hazard of PCB circuit board

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-09-11 21:26:31
In automated surface mount circuit, if the circuit board is not smooth, it will cause inaccurate positioning, components can not be inserted or mounted to the board hole and surface mount pad, and even crash the automatic plug-in machine. Circuit board components after welding, bending element, foot hard cut neatly.

The board can not be installed in the case or in the machine socket, so the assembly plant meets the board is also very worried. At present, surface mount technology is developing toward high precision, high speed and intelligent. This requires higher flatness requirements for the PCB boards of various components and homes.

In the IPC standard, it is particularly pointed out that the maximum allowable deformation of a PCB board with a surface mount device is 0.75%, and that the maximum amount of deformation allowed by a PCB board without a surface mount is 1.5%. In fact, in order to meet the high precision and high speed mounting demand, part of electronic assembly manufacturers to deformation more stringent, if we have the maximum deformation of a plurality of customer requirements allowed is 0.5%, and even individual customer requirements 0.3%.