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Some foreign technical books and data on high-speed PCB design

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-09-25 20:21:25
Now high-speed digital circuits are used in communications, networks and calculators. In communication networks, the PCB board works at frequencies up to GHz, and stacks are as many as 40 layers as far as I know. Calculator related applications are also due to the progress of chips, whether it is the general PC or server (Server), the board has reached the highest working frequency of 400MHz (such as Rambus) above.

In order to meet the demand of high-speed and high-density routing, the demand for blind hole (blind/buried, vias), mircrovias and build-up process is becoming more and more. These design requirements have a large number of manufacturers can produce.

Two characteristic impedance formulae that are often referred to:
Microstrip line (microstrip) Z={87/[sqrt (Er+1.41)]}ln[5.98H/ (0.8W+T)] the W T linewidth, copper wire thickness, H to the reference plane distance of line Er is the dielectric constant of PCB plate material (dielectric constant). This formula must be applied only when 0.1< (W/H), <2.0, and 1< (Er) <15 are applied.

Stripline (stripline) Z=[60/sqrt (Er)]ln{4H/[0.67 PI (T+0.8W)]} the H two reference plane distance, intermediate and walk line at two reference plane. This formula must be applied in the case of W/H<0.35 and T/H<0.25.