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Where is the neutral line in the differential signal line?

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-09-26 20:17:38
The middle of a differential signal is usually not ground. Because of the application principle of differential signals, the most important point is the advantage of differential signal inter coupling (coupling), such as flux, cancellation, immunity (noise) capability and so on. If the ground wire is in the middle, it will destroy the coupling effect. 

Just need to design Adagio for special design software and specification? Where can we undertake this kind of circuit board processing?

Flexible circuit boards (Flexible, Printed, Circuit) can be designed using PCB software in general. Same, use Gerber format to produce to FPC manufacturer. Since the manufacturing process is different from the general PCB, each manufacturer will be able to minimize Xian Kuan, minimum line spacing and minimum Kong Jing (via) according to their manufacturing capabilities.

In addition, the flexible circuit boards can be made with copper skin at the turning point. As for manufacturers, the Internet can be "FPC" when keywords query should be found.