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The size design effect on PCB cost

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-04-28 18:10:04
The original size of Copper Clad Laminate is too big, it is not convenient for production, and sometimes it can’t put into the facility for production, therefore, it is necessary to cut CCL into a number of pieces of processing size. As for the size of the processing size, it should accord to the production of printed circuit board processing equipment, each printed circuit board size and some process parameters to determine。

For the process parameters, in addition to the length and width of the printed circuit itself, also included the width of the screw holes for fixing the printed circuit board to the electronic product frame, the width of Process side for outline,  the clamp edge width of the chemical plating, electroplating and corrosion. The positioning pin for multi-layer printed circuit board, the position for PCB manufacturer logo,and the width of breakaway tab side and so on, Some of the recommended values of process parameters can be obtained from the manufacturer or dealer. In the production process of printed circuit board, according to above parameters to determine one original size CCL should cut into how many pieces of working size,or whether it's a longitudinal cut or a horizontal cut,or if can make by nesting cut and so on .

The following figure is an example of cut the original size of Copper Clad Laminate. It is cut the original size of CCL into four pieces working size,while it is contain 6 printed circuit board per working size CCL. If the longitudinal dimension of the printed circuit board increases 1mm, Then each piece of the working size of CCL can only be cut into 4 pieces of printed circuit board, this will undoubtedly increase the cost of printed circuit boards to 150% of the six printed circuit boards. Thus, according to original size of CCL to design reasonable PCB size is very important.