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It is necessary for the PCB industry to know

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-04-28 18:05:23
  Automotive electronic applications will be one of the major applications of PCB in the future, Therefore, it is necessary to understand the future development trend of automobile industry!

The auto industry's four big trends in the future are creating huge gaps
  With the development of automobile industry technology and user's use preference concentration, The next 30 years, China's auto industry chain and products will face major challenges and changes, China's auto industry is expected to show the following trends. Here let’s look at the four big trends in the car industry.

First, the vehicle power - Electric

  Predicting the future as technology improves, the efficiency of battery usage and environmental protection will be the main development direction of new energy electric vehicles. Is expected in 2050, first tier cities will no longer have the traditional fuel vehicles, Instead, it will be a new energy electric car with clean-energy, zero-emission.

Second, automobile form -- lightweight, intelligent and environmentally friendly

  By 2050, with the further breakthroughs and developments in technology and new materials,
Light weight it is the development direction of electric car technology,, The "material" of the car will make it lighter while ensuring the strength of the car
Intelligent: From ADAS (Advanced Driver assistance system) to unmanned
Environmental protection: body material can be recycled

Thrid, The use of Car—Sharing

  Now, the emergence of didi, Uber and so on has greatly stimulated the change of car operations in China,Fewer cars can carry more people after car sharing, and saving urban traffic.After three or five years, with the further update of technology, The vehicle is built on the  basis of the network positioning car, Car sharing will become the main form of people's lives

Fourth, the car industry is highly centralized

  With the innovation of automobile technology, it is expected in 2050, The structure of the car industry will also change dramatically. The design, development, manufacturing and operation of cars will be concentrated in a small number of new and large groups. These new groups will integrate resources, and will use new thinking to open up various ports of automobile industry and change the system of automobile industry.

The rapid rise of automobile PCB industry

  Automatic driving and new energy vehicles are booming, driving full orders of Leading automotive PCB manufacturers , At the same time due to the strict examination of the automobile industry chain, higher stability requirements, Therefore, relative to the consumer electronics,automotive electronics with higher gross margin, Make the PCB manufacturers profitable.

Automatic driving and new energy vehicles to promote the use of PCB vehicles increased significantly

  As the traditional car passes through ADAS, it gradually becomes automatic driving, as well as the promotion of new energy vehicles, The permeability of car electronics keeps improving. The use of PCB is becoming more and more widely,is expected in future with technology matures and spreads, the level of automotive IT keep improving, Various functions are becoming more and more abundant, practical, and infiltrate from high-end to low-end.

Millimeter-wave radar make a huge demand for high frequency PCB
  At present, the automobile millimeter wave radar is developing rapidly, It is expected that the average number of future motorcycles using millimeter wave radar will continue to grow,the demand for automotive radar PCB will also grow rapidly. And the high frequency circuit of the radar has higher requirements on the PCB material and the manufacturing process. Therefore, automotive radar PCB will bring higher value.

New energy vehicle power battery BMS

  PCB component as part of BMS hardware foundation, the industry development will also benefit from it. At this stage luxury car PCB use area is about 2-3 square meters, Conservative assumption of new energy vehicle bicycle PCB usage as 2 square meters, calculate as 2000 yuan per square meter, the global market for new energy vehicles PCB, also reached 16.4 billion yuan in 2020.

The PCB access door is high, and the leading manufacturer has a huge advantage

  Features such as special working environment, safety and high current of automobile, the reliability and environmental suitability of PCB are very strict. According to the introduction of Huang Weijin, chairman of CHIN POON INDUSTRIAL, Zero failure rate is the basic requirement of international suppliers,it also determines whether it can enter the automobile PCB field. Because the car with PCB high threshold, Car manufacturers generally do not arbitrarily replace certified suppliers. Therefore, once the manufacturers can successfully enter the international supply chain, will not only bring long-term stable orders, also because the industry characteristics of the high threshold, it bring the relative expansion of growth for the company. So, the first mover advantage is very obvious.