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Voice communication, mobile terminal, PCB, development trend

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-03 13:46:20
Smart Phone in order to provide consumers with more powerful functions and additional services, both in hardware and software is the mobile phone than standard specification for general requirements more stringent, while the weight and volume requirements remain with frivolous appeal, it is also driven by upstream component technology to higher level, can cooperate with Smart Phone specifications required. 

Smart Phone powerful appeal while still keeping a thin, so PCB (Printed circuit board manufacturer) used, also is different from the past only hard main form of market, although in a single mobile phone application area, and still has a trend of increase of the crown, but the application of soft board (Circuit board manufacturing) and soft hard thin light wind in the tide of mobile phone under the. 

At the present stage of Smart Phone with hard board (Small volume pcb manufacturer) with 2 order HDI as the mainstream, including the design of 2+4+2 most, few will be used 2+6+2. With the future of product function, increase the appearance of thin line width and distance will require more fine, corresponding aperture requirements will be smaller, at present in the 3 order HDI parts also have a small amount of the expected will be upgraded with the Smart Phone function, and the market price adjustment to an acceptable degree, will become the mainstream market, high order Smart Phone has special features such as high number of mobile phone more opportunity to use the painting, all layer HDI.