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PCB impact e-book market core low prices into key

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-04 21:27:06
Since the birth of the electronic reader, the hardware system still maintains the status of the combination of the minimum system, display control, power supply, storage, communication and other discrete modules. These proprietary chip solutions are designed to be consistent, i.e., MCU+PMU (microcontroller + power management unit) combinations. 

MCU mostly uses the ARMCortexA8 single core architecture, clocked at 800MHz, in addition to the general function of the traditional MCU, integrated graphics accelerators, deparsing accelerator, and the most important is the integration of the electronic paper display controller; PMU integration is very high, in addition to DC-DC (direct streamization), LDO (linear regulator) outside also, including audio module, AD conversion module, temperature acquisition module, keyboard scanning module and etc.. The introduction of these dedicated chips will simplify the hardware implementation of electronic readers, and greatly improve the overall performance of the system. 

In addition, due to the increase of chip frequency, the design requirements of the hardware system will also increase. For example, in the design of PCB (printed circuit board), one is that the number of layers is increased; two, the blind hole technique is required; and three, the PCB substrate suitable for high frequency signals is required.

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