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Black PCB highest up? NO!

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-07 16:51:44
I do not know since when, "black PCB high-end professional", "blue PCB weak chicken", "yellow PCB shit", these impressions are solidified in the net friend thought, is this really the case?

In the past, because the PCB is easy to cause the black color, raw material and production process of PCB plant relative is not so mature, will greatly reduce the PCB yield, increase the cost of production and R & D cost RD! But now, PCB technology has been very mature, the yield is no longer a problem, most of the products are board the black PCB! 

Only the green PCB looks more frustrated and the black visual effect is better. The quality of the PCB board is determined by the materials, wiring design and several laminates. All colorful PCB colors with high-end, high-quality is not equal! 

Remember in 2011, many manufacturers are still intentionally or unintentionally propaganda PCB color, but also because of this publicity methods, so that many users are misunderstood. However, now the board vendors relatively less publicity PCB color, and even the white based GALAXY HOF graphics card began to play down the PCB color, the focus is on PCB based materials! 

Of course, the PCB color does not determine the quality of the finished electrical performance, to high-end or PCB layers, power supply phase, power supplies on it?!