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Concept, technology and management to help PCB green production

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-02 17:06:05
Green production refers to saving energy, reducing consumption and pollution as the goal, to management and technology as a means to implement the whole process of industrial production of pollution control, the amount of pollutants produced at least one kind of comprehensive measures of green production. Because of involving the entire product materials, production technology, production equipment, production environment and production management. So PCB (Printed circuit board manufacturer) manufacturing industry must change the idea, technology and management. 

To realize the green production, production system, material management system and green supply chain must be seamless integration, production according to customer specification of active screening materials, material suppliers as required to fill the material demand, fill in these materials are required to do green material certification through quality control. After the examination, on the formation of the whole green, the material database. 

When the formation of such a material database of the manufacturing enterprise, can at any time at the request of customer required for the output of "green products" from the implementation of the plan to check to the action, this is the complete process of "green" import. To suppliers, manufacturers, users build electronic faster and more convenient and more accurate contact information sharing. Influence.