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Wiring in the PCB design process

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-08-01 16:58:58
Wiring is the most important process in the whole PCB (oem pcb board manufacturer china) design. This will directly affect the performance of the PCB board. In the design process of PCB, so the three division of general wiring realm: the first is found, then the design of the PCB the most basic requirements. If the line is not found, get out at the fly line, it will be a qualified board, can be said to have not started. 

Followed by electrical performance satisfaction. This is a standard to measure whether a printed circuit board is qualified or not. This is in addition, carefully adjust the layout, so that it can achieve the best performance of the electric appliance. Followed by beauty. If you succeed in wiring, nor what affect the electrical performance of the place, but a glance out of order, and even the brightly coloured, a riot of colours, electrical performance of your very good, in the eyes of others is a piece of junk. This brings great inconvenience to the test and maintenance. 

The wiring must be neat and uniform, and can't be Criss crossed. These are to ensure that meet the individual requirements and other circumstances to achieve electrical properties, otherwise it is wrong.