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Circuit design techniques, PCB design flow

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-07-31 11:10:06
First: preliminary preparation. This includes the preparation of the component library and schematics. "Work is good to do it, you must first sharpen its device", to make a good board, in addition to the principle of good design, but also painted well. Before doing PCB (china pcb manufacturer) design, you should first prepare the schematics, the component libraries of the SCH and the component libraries of the PCB. Component library can be used peotel library, but in general it is difficult to find the right, it is best to choose the device according to their own standard size data, do their own components library. PCB component library requirements higher, it directly affects the installation of the board; SCH component library requirements relatively loose, as long as the attention to define the pin attributes and PCB components corresponding to the line. 

Second: PCB (HDI pcb Printed circuit board) structure design. This step, according to the size of the circuit board and mechanical positioning, PCB design environment to draw PCB board surface, and according to positioning requirements placed the required connector, key / switch, screw hole, assembly hole, and so on. And fully consider and determine the wiring area and non wiring area (such as the screw hole around the large area belongs to the non wiring area). 

Third: PCB (Small volume pcb manufacturer) layout. Layout is plain, put the device on the board. At this point, if all of the preparatory work discussed earlier is done, the network table (Design->CreateNetlist) can be generated on the schematic diagram, and then the network table (Design->LoadNets) will be imported on the PCB diagram. Saw the device crashed all over the heap, and there are links between the legs of the cable line prompt.