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PCB's signal board problem

o-leading.com o-leading.com 2017-10-16 18:09:40
For all digital signal PCB, there is a 80MHz clock source on the board. In addition to the use of wire mesh (grounding), in order to ensure sufficient driving capacity, it should also use what kind of circuit protection? 

To ensure that the clock's driving ability, should not be achieved by protection, the general use of clock driver chip. The clock drive capability is generally feared because of multiple clock loads. Clock driver chip, a clock signal into a few, point to point connection. When selecting the driver chip, in addition to ensuring the basic matching with the load, the signal meets the requirements (the general clock is the effective signal along the line), and when calculating the system timing, the delay of the clock in the driver chip is calculated. 

37, if the use of a separate clock signal board, what kind of interface is usually used to ensure that the transmission of the clock signal is less affected? 

The shorter the clock signal, the smaller the transmission line effect. The use of a separate clock board increases the signal routing length. And the power supply of the single board grounding is also a problem. For long distance transmission, differential signals are recommended. LVDS signals can meet the drive capability requirements, but your clock is not too fast, and there is no need.